Cohasset’s Bond Rating

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

We are going to special town meeting on the second night of the Jewish holiday (Monday, Dec. 10 at 6:30  p.m. ) and we will be voting on Article 14 that the selectmen and their counsel say cannot be  discussed because it is privileged information. Confidential. Attorney-Client privilege.  If Selectmen are the client why do they need our vote?

Selectmen want us to vote for changes in the Town Manager’s Act but please don’t ask any questions, ok?  If you do,  selectmen will not be able to answer you because it is the mystery of all time – bigger than the Dead Sea Scrolls, more baffling than Driver Frank Clewer of Dennington, Australia who sparked panic in his rural hometown when he began to leave trails of scorch marks and flames wherever he walked.

If anyone goes to special town meeting and buys this pig in a poke they deserve to get worse than coal in their stocking Christmas morning.

Last week Governance committee member George McGoldrick, in a letter to the Cohasset Mariner, told us that our the town’s recent Standard and Poor’s evaluation could be attributed to the continual turnover in management. Illegal town manager Mike Milanoski said the Department of Revenue was very concerned that he was only an acting town manager.  Good grief.

This is all very confusing because it was only in August, 24, 2012 we were told by Mr. Milanoski that the Town of Cohasset had secured the second highest bond rating available: AA+. And this was all due to the confidence the Bond Rating Agency had with Mr. Milanoski.

But then early October Milanoski tells the BoS  that from thereon in our rating will be computed differently. The rules changed. New Bond Rate Criteria, Drivers of OPEB and Health Insurance Reform had been realized and needed to be reckoned with, and  we think this is what really changed Cohasset’s evaluation. If it did.


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