Cohasset’s Bill Quigley wins again – amazing

Cohasset Town Manager Chris Senior had his Police Chief nominee, squeaky clean Executive Officer Joe Comperchio of the Weymouth PD, rejected on a 3-2 vote as the Cohasset Board of Selectmen reaches for the appointment of Cohasset Acting Chief Bill Quigley. Selectmen Karen Quigley and Diane Kennedy voted for the Town Manager’s nominee, on a motion by Schubert. Shubert then voted against his own motion.

Just a few days ago the Town of Cohasset learned that a lawsuit is being filed against Quigley by Howard Friedman, a Boston Civil Rights attorney, who represents Michael X. Wyatt, a newspaper delivery man who was allegedly falsely arrested by Quigley and the Cohasset PD.  But it may take years for this to actually get to court. There could be a whole new board of selectmen continuing to run the town badly at that time. And so this will be out of sight, out of mind.

After the vote Tuesday, Gaumer said his board and the Town Manager have to “get it right,” and he’ll be meeting with Senior first thing Monday morning. But getting it right sounds like Senior will be directed to appoint Quigley as permanent chief, or else. Gaumer wants the man who is pending, acting, and being sued big time to be made whole (to be chief).

Newly elected member Paul Schubert moved to affirm the vote, Karen Quigley seconded his motion and then vice chair Kevin McCarthy, chair Steve Gaumer and Schubert voted against the motion. Ironically, it was Kennedy’s inspirational speech to support Senior that inspired Schubert’s motion. But he voted against his own motion when he heard the peanut gallery explode. Or maybe it was just a cute ruse. At the Our Town Candidates’ debates Schubert said he would support the Town Manager’s nominee for Police Chief. How quickly candidates forget their campaign promises.

At the end of the almost 2 1/2 hour discussion and after the vote Gaumer said the Town Manager still had an appointment to make. But it appeared from Gaumer’s free-range discussion that he planned to have the Town Manager bring Quigley forth as his nominee. He mentioned in a free-style slur that there was a man out there who needed to be made whole, and to not continue on in a temporary and pending basis. Always hard to hear Gaumer when he talks like this. I played it back 10 times. I got the drift.

Senior will listen, or else. And will the Carver Town Manager be Senior’s replacement whether he listens or not? We are sad to say we think so.

This is just a first article. Lots of words, lots of great words by Selectman Karen Quigley and Diane Kennedy.

I have to give Bill Quigley credit. He’s gotten rid of two police chiefs, all the women in Cohasset PD, an excellent police chief candidate, and he’s about to get rid of Chris Senior, his boss. Because I’m not sure Chris Senior will appoint Quigley no matter what.


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