Cohasset’s Acting Town Manager makes snarky comment

Cohasset Mariner online reported that Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski said, in regard to the DeLuca Demand letter…

“We have received the document, had an opportunity to review it along with his settlement agreement, yet it now appears he seeks to rescind the agreement after reaping the rewards of it — we deny his specious allegations and look forward to the facts being aired.”

We, who? Does Mialnoski have permission from his board of  selectmen to talk to the Cohasset Mariner, about a legal matter, of which he appears to be the focus?

The above is one of the snarkiest comments Milanoski has ever made about anything.

DeLuca got 9 months of pay while he was on admin/leave. And after that he was rejected for every police job he applied for – because of Cohasset. DeLuca has hardly “reaped the rewards” of his suspension.

Milanoski and a former board of selectmen stuck their heels into DeLuca as if he were an ember, and they were stamping him out for all time. For awhile on this blog we ran this quote: Cohasset, Mass – where careers are ended.

The town manager is the first guy prospective employers call, and we are told that he allegedly continues to condemn Coughlin and DeLuca – the first being a man whose job he stole, the second being a man he could not trust, as he had been loyal to Coughlin, as had many others on Cohasset’s Trail of Tears.

Link to DeLuca’s Demand Letter:

On July 18, 2012 this blogger wrote:

Tinytown Unleashed has learned that the 11 so-called charges against suspended Cohasset Police Chief Mark DeLuca were allegedly cooked up by Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski and Deputy Chief William Quigley during an early morning phone call – mere hours before the chief was suspended.

Here are a few of the “charges” Milanoski is bringing forward (according to my numerous sources)

1. DeLuca asked an off-duty policeman if he would drive some cancer drugs to Logan Airport for an individual who was an honorary special police officer. The off-duty police officer could have said no.  The canine vehicle was used. Using the vehicle may not have been kosher, but it’s hardly a material charge, and not a suspendable offense, particularly when the town manager (you remember Mike Coughlin, fired in early spring) had given DeLuca permission to do the same.

2. Another Coughlin-related incident. This time –  Sarah Coughlin.   Mike Coughlin’s daughter. Bright girl, studying to become a lawyer like her dad. She was briefly involved in an unpaid internship with the Cohasset Police Department to study juvenile justice. Milanoski thinks that was against the law.  Huh?  Unpaid internships are given out freely in all police departments in all towns to attorneys in training.  DeLuca should be fired for this?

3.  The former charge of “forgery” has now been downgraded.  DeLuca’s attorney is unable to get a copy of the forged letter.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

4. Stealing toys from children. Does anyone really think Mark DeLuca, who volunteered his time at NY’s 9/11 digging out police and firemen, would steal Christmas toys?

  1. 5.  The other 6 “charges” are just as nuts.
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