Cohasset wedding stories from yesteryear

Outside weddings continue to be bones of contention in Cohasset, MA

Years ago, the Caleb Lothrop house on Summer Street was owned by the Cohasset Historical commission.

Almost every weekend during the late spring, summer and early fall a wedding was held at the Lothrop House. Sometimes there were two weddings. And not just an outside wedding was held – the reception was outside too…complete with a tent, noisy band and dancing.

We live about 300 feet away from the Lothrop House, now a private residence, on South Main Street.

We live on our porch during the summer months, and so we were guests at every wedding whether we knew the couple or not. We started to pray for rain every weekend.

We never complained because we knew it was one of the ways the commission made money.

And then one day I got a call from Connie Parker, president of commission, who was calling to complain about our dog.

truman“Tanna. Your dog Truman is at the Lothrop house at a wedding reception.” Connie said.  “He is eating the food at the reception and right now he has his nose under the bride’s dress. Please come and get him. I am going to report him to the dog catcher.”

I told her I would get Truman immediately, but that if she reported him to the dog catcher I would report her illegal wedding function business to the board of selectmen.

“Well, yes. I guess you have me there,” Connie said.

And so, I went and got Truman and he never attend another wedding at the Lothrop House.

We did hear he attended Mass at St. Anthony’s from time to time, although no one ever complained.

At a recent Cohasset Selectmen’s meeting we learned that the town doesn’t have a bylaw regarding outside weddings that happen throughout the town at businesses and private homes. But the town does have to be consistent in making rules about outside weddings, and defining the same, said Charles Humphreys, attorney for Cohasset’s Red Lion Inn. (More on this in an upcoming article.)

It’s about time, we say.

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