Cohasset Town Meeting Monday, May 2, at 7

The Advisory Committee voted 7-2 not to recommend voting for Article 6 – The FY17 Budget Appropriation Article – in this years’ Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

As a result of that vote the draft amendment to article 6,that follows, will be proposed for adoption at the meeting.

Moved, that the Main Motion for Article Six as presented in the Town Manager’s Proposed Motions be hereby amended as follows:
reducing the FY 2017 General School Operating Budget set forth in the Main Motion as listed in Appendix A by One Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Dollars ($192,839), thereby amending by reduction the total Cohasset Public School Operating budget from $18,320,276 to $18,127,437
deleting the line item reference in the Main Motion to a transfer of $192,839 from the General Stabilization Fund,
resulting in a reduction of $192,839 from the Town’s Total FY 2017 Operating Budget amount, from $48,313,269 to a new total number of $48,120,330
What does all this mean?

The Board of Selectmen have recommended a budget that exceeds the available revenue for FY17 by $192,839 that is proposed to be funded in article 6 by funding the deficit from the General Stabilization Fund.

The Advisory Committee recognizes this as a fiscally inappropriate direction for the town to take that ignores the board’s own long standing Fiscal Policies that include the agreed upon available revenue split of 61% school 39% town.

The overage comes from the School’s request for $192,839 more than the Town Managers 5 year plan can cover and departs from the agreed upon split that has been in place for 6 years.

Approval of this amendment will give the schools the planned appropriation of $622,437 for FY17 that would be the second highest appropriation in history.

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