Cohasset Town Hall under seige

Another Cohasset contract bites the dust

Your diligent TU blogger learned Saturday AM that Mark Brennan, of the newly formed operations department at town hall was ousted last Friday. Wonder if Cohasset acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski frisked him before he escorted him to the parking lot – he loves doing that tough guy kind of stuff. I don’t blame Milanoski. He is only a minion, a willing one albeit, of your board of selectmen and their supervisors, the self-styled Environmental 20 (E-20) of the elite Cat Damn (sic) association.

Brennan did not return our phone calls so I suppose we’ll just have to show up for the selectmen’s public comment period next week and ask selectmen to give us their rendition of the dirty deed. According to my new best friend Mike Coughlin (former town manager) Brennan, our now former DPW director (correction, Operations Director), has a standard and very legal 3-year contract with the Town, and can only be fired for cause. It will be interesting to learn what the cause was. Brennan’s the guy who was going to be part of a group who would choose the water department’s concessionaire, but now of course he won’t be doing that. In any case, a legal three-year contract should be something worth suing for.

Let’s see…the tally so far.

Former selectman Karen Quigley went last year because she was a no vote  – can’t have those no votes hanging around, particularly when they tell people why they voted no. The self-styled Environmental 20 (E-20), members of the elite Cat Damn (sic) association, worked hard to defeat her. As hard as they worked, they only got her by 51 votes or so.

Three Conservation members were fired and/or reassigned. Conservation commission has never been the same. The replacements are no shows so the 80-year-olds on the committee have to do triple duty. E-20 demanded the assassinations.

Town Manager Mike Coughlin – E-20 knew from the beginning he was not the right man for the job.  He had to go and he went in February.

Mark Brennan – I was at the meeting where fuzzy Ted Carr yessed Coughlin to death saying :” “Keep it up, we like what you’re doing,” with respect to keeping Brennan in operations and bringing him into the employee fold. Maybe Carr’s spending too many late nights at Mr. Dooley’s. Maybe a little less Mr. Dooley’s is in order and some more walks around the block.

Cohasset Planning Board, all five of them, are now in the bad people column with KQuigley and the others. They had the audacity to support and defend a raise for their planning coordinator. What hubris! And of course the planning coordinator is in danger, through no fault of her own. Milanoski is the appointing/firing authority.  What hath God wrought?!!

The rumor is our police chief is next –and then of course all the other poor town employees with Coughlin contracts with the town, with which Milanoski is attemting to “restructure,” wearing his black undertaker suit.

I think this adds up to 13 people who have been dealt with or are about to be dealt with.

This of course is just my opinion. You might have a different opinion. If you sign in with your real name we might allow you to express it. We understand Cohasset-Townie was removed from the Cohasset Mariner site yesterday. She probably went berserk when she was unable to spew forth on our site. Love that cyber fence we built!

Your TU blogger,

Tanna K.


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  2 comments for “Cohasset Town Hall under seige

  1. Mike Coughlin
    March 31, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    As Operations Director Mark Brennan was charged with overseeing public works and his title as we say is a matter of semantics. The position evolved out of the audit by Melanson and Heath indicating that a professional with an engineering background should oversee water, sewer and our public works functions. Mark Brennan was selected by former Interim Town Manager Steve Lombard in consultation with the Selectmen. Upon my appointment – Steve Lombard advised that completing the creation of the post was the most important move for the town to make to protect the taxpayers and control water and sewer issues.

    It is also in keeping what other communities have done. We all commend the selection of Mary Gallagher of Scituate. Scituate had the good sense to take its “Greenbush Guy”- Al Banga – and make his that town’s first DPW director.

    This is pure politics. There are sufficient funds to fund the position – to do so would open the town up to the risk of repeating the mistakes of the past. With respect to FY 13, not all the new growth should go into stabilization at the expense of reforms to guard against continued mistakes that the town will no doubt repeat.

    Who will watch over the water RFP – certainly not the water commission– the demise of the Operations Director is yet another example of the retaliatory actions against any employee who dares to care about the taxpayer. I would not be surprised if the Operations Director brings his own whistleblower lawsuit in addition to a breach of contract.

    This is no way to treat employees and professional who dearly care about a Town called Cohasset

  2. rightthewrong
    March 31, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Just a correction albeit an important one. Carl Sestito is the DPW Superintendent. Mark Brennan never held that title.

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