Cohasset Town Accountant Resigns

John Stanbrook, recently appointed Cohasset Town Accountant and Director of Finance, will return to his old job in Mansfield at the end of the month, according to Town Manager Mike Coughlin.  Coughlin announced Stanbrook’s leave-taking at the conclusion of a Capital Budget meeting last night. He said he had received Stanbrook’s resignation that same day; Stanbrook was reappointed Town Accountant in Mansfield on a 5-1vote.

Coughlin said Stanbrook’s resignation would delay the new accounting system somewhat, as it’s important for town people to train on the same.  Eric Kinsherf, a CPA from Sagamore Beach, has been hired to assist the Town Manager in closing the books. Coughlin said he also hired the public accounting firm of Sullivan and Rogers  to take over the Treasury/Collector function.

It is known that the Town of Mansfield was upset when Stanbrook (Cohasset Town Accountant)  left them for Cohasset and had repeatedly up the anti to get him back. Rumors around Town Hall say Stanbrook was upset over the state of the Town’s financial dilemma; at a recent meeting before Capital Budget Coughlin noted that the Town had 3 sets of books.

Cohasset Town Accountant

Cohasset Town Accountant

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