Cohasset TM Senior to announce his Police Chief Selection at 8 Pm Tuesday, May 19

We assume at 8 PM Tuesday Town Manager Chris Senior will announce his appointments for permanent police chief and deputy chief. The particulars are unknown. Will Senior present his candidate in human form to the Selectmen? We sure hope so.

Let’s review the process used to get to where we are today on the Cohasset Police Chief search.

This search has been conducted through a municipal government “best practice“ procedure similar to any Fortune 500 business.

First, the town manager, who is responsible under state law to select a police chief (Cohasset Town Manger Act) recommended a search procedure to the Board of Selectmen for approval. Check.

Second, the town manager hired a well know search firm specializing in Police Chief searches in Massachusetts. BadgeQuest, advertises, screens and cuts down unqualified applicants for the next stage. Interview questionnaires are reviewed and the finalists are further culled. Finally three finalists are selected for what is known as an assessment center. A handful of active and/or retired Police Chiefs interview the finalists, one at a time, putting them through hypothetical dangerous police situations. “How would you handle this situation”, etc. This is the big test administered to all of our finalists. No questions handed to anyone in advance. Results are based on experience and training. This is also known as “peer review” panel.

BadgeQuest in effect has removed as much of the local town politics, mumbo jumbo, fake predetermined selection committee setups and favoritism from the process as possible from the past. Check.

Third, BadgeQuest presents the results of the assessment center to town manager Chris Senior. Everything up to here has been done by the book. The assessment center ranks the finalists in order. The top candidate is then recommended. They don’t recommend the second or third candidate because, well, that’s the whole idea isn’t it? Check.

The results of the assessment center are the results of the assessment center. Good news for the citizens of Cohasset is that an objective, unbiased assessment center has vetted all the top finalists for our next Police Chief.

Here is where the all the people and institutions that should be for a good government process tried in fact to hijack the process. Why?

The results apparently were not to their liking, especially after years of a campaigning for their candidate. Here’s a news flash for the Cohasset Mariner, Ralph and his crew: The process was fair and unbiased. You didn’t get the results you were hoping for because you weren’t allowed to intercede in the selection process. But you have no right to then attempt to hijack the process, as you have recently attempted for the umpteenth time. Of course up until now most everything is based on rumor because the truth as it comes to our next Cohasset Police Chief needs to be handled with kid gloves when you try to pick a police chief politically, instead of on merit.

This isn’t the end of the world for acting chief Bill Quigley. There will be more opportunities down the road. A few weeks ago some citizens were wondering if there is a chain of command, and Bill Quigley is in it, why he isn’t accepting command’s decision that he wasn’t the choice of the assessment center?

Bill Quigley is still a young guy. He has a long career ahead of himself. For the average candidate the selection process should be a learning process that can come in handy down the road.

The Selectmen voted to accept the town manager’s process, now they should live with the results.

The citizens of Cohasset have a right to know who came out on top through this process. Finally we will have a result that is on the level and unbiased, results the citizens can stand behind with pride. Now it is up to the Board of Selectmen to accept the result and move on.

Because this indecision has gone on too long.

© Copyright 2015 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed