Cohasset TM continues to be bullied

Below is a series of E-mails between Cohasset Cap Budget  and the Cohasset Town Manager. Cohasset Selectmen are all CC-ed…all watching their town manager being assaulted before their very eyes. What this blogger has observed is that Cap Budget and Advisory want to keep the Town Manager hopp’n…. meeting with him ad nauseum, whether there is new information or not. When you get to the last two exchanges you will see where this is leading.  

From Good Cop Steve Gaumer to Mike Coughlin


We are setting the agenda for our meeting Wednesday 1/24 and would like to schedule time to strategize with you on your five year vision as it impacts capital planning. We’re looking for your input as TM, recognizing that we will be scheduling time for the departments in upcoming meetings. Would you let me know if you can make it? We anticipate this would be the first agenda item.


Senior Vice President – Investments, FPS
Morgan StanleySmith Barney, LLC
28 State Street
Boston, MA 02109

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Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin responds


I have the BOS on Tuesday and Advisory on Thursday–  on Wednesday night I have KP duty—my wife is the volunteer cook at the Senior Center on Wednesday so yours truly gets to do clean up when he arrives home.


From Good Cop Steve Gaumer to Mike Coughlin


Good luck with your potato peeling. . .

Still, we (representing town meeting) will need to hear your five-year capital plan in advance of departmental reviews so that we can evaluate requests within context of your long-term priorities.

As noted previously, we’d like to start this as a discussion with you, as director of those priorities. We can then examine detail with each department head. Also, please keep in mind that our work schedule is further stalled from a delay in receiving key financial data. So, we are trying to accomplish most of our review work to keep the process moving.

We recognize that the TM position requires a good deal of investment past the traditional workday. Since you have other commitments this Wednesday, let’s see if we can schedule this for Wednesday 2/3 or after the school department presents on 2/8.

Which will work better for you?


Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin responds

The potato peeling is tonight or early morning tomorrow–  tomorrow night is pots,  pans and Kitchen cleaning!!! AS to the planning—its interrelated to financial data.   My presentation will be linked to the financial data that Mary provides—you have given her I believe to mid February—we will present together.

Thanks- Mike

Bad Cop Capital Budget Vice Chair Jack Keniley appears


This is a pattern of behavior that we all should be concerned about.  Mike has managed to miss numerous meetings on many committees because of arrogance, laziness, by accident or by design.  It doesn’t matter which.  The result is the committees cannot move ahead with their work.  We are 2 months behind, we don’t have the correct numbers to work with and the finance department is none (sic)  responsive to our requests.

Bill Griffin and Steve Lombard never acted like this.  We all know how much time they put into the job.

When the committees take the initiative to get going on the budget, Mike goes into a full frontal assault on the motives of the committee chairs.  “Cocktail Party statistics” he claimed at the last Selectman’s (sic)  meeting when he was describing the actions of the budget planning committee.  Mike has missed all but one budget planning committee meeting and rescheduled numerous times.  He in fact double booked the budget planning meeting is questions with the con com meeting.  He missed that meeting too.

I am upset and seriously concerned for the Town.  This behavior is, at best, dysfunctional (sic) and at worst a total disregard for process and proceedure. (sic)  As we all know, lack of process has got us into the financial mees (sic) we are in.

Mike continuously displays an immature leadership style and a total lack of regard for the many volunteers who help make this Town work.  It is time for him to move on to another Town that can appreciate his style of leadership.


Jack Keniley
Strafford Ventures LLC

150 Wood Road
Suite 300
Braintree, MA 02184

Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin responds


I work long hours and I have a family.   I was before the Capital Budget Committee last Wednesday.   Before CBC,  I was at the school committee.   I was with you at the MMA over the weekend.   I have a BOS meeting tonight and an Advisory Meeting on Thursday to help present an important matter for the library.

Given that I met with CBC last Wednesday,  the fact that I do like to help my wife with the projects that are part of her life—like volunteering for the senior center and considering what people tell me about Bill and Steve  attendance at nighttime meetings—I feel your points are outrageous.



Comment from Tanna Kasperowicz:  This is what your Town Manager’s life is like everyday.  Keniley and Gaumer and DeCaprio and Keniley never stop. they are like old man river, they just keep roll’n along. Cap

Budget knows because Mike has told them several times that he has no new information until such time as Mary Gallagher, Director of Finance, pulls information together. Nevertheless, they want to meet, want to meet, want to meet.

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  1. Precious
    January 26, 2012 at 10:00 am

    I work in Cohasset Town Hall.
    This is only the tip of the ice berg.
    Tanna, I am contacting you directly, later this week.

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