Cohasset Selectmen’s “motion” to deny the Town Manager his nominee for police chief questioned

Selectmen watchers and others say the Selectmen’s motion to not approve or waive was not what they intended to do, and could technically result in Weymouth Executive Officer Joe Comperchio taking his seat as Cohasset’s new police chief on June 5.

Last Tuesday, Selectman Karen Quigley questioned newly elected Selectman Paul Schubert’s motion saying “Under the Town Manager Act, Selectmen can only vote to reject the appointment or waive the 15-day waiting period.” After some back and forth, Schubert amended his motion to include the word ‘waive’.

Quigley was still unhappy with the motion, but the vote took place and the vote to approve or waive failed on a 3-2 vote.

In a phone interview Thursday, Quigley said:

“Selectman Shubert’s original motion was to approve.

“The Town Manager Act authorizes the selectmen to REJECT or WAIVE the 15 day waiting period.

“His amended motion to ‘approve or WAIVE’ failed on a 3-2 vote.


“Therefore, in my opinion, under the Town Manager’s Act, the Town Manager’s appointment for Police Chief becomes effective 15 days after his written notification to the selectmen.

“In my opinion, if indeed the majority of the board meant to reject the appointment, a new vote must be taken to REJECT.

“The only other remedy I can think of would be for the Town Manager to withdraw his job offer and I have no idea if there is any legal liability to this option.

“However, it would save the majority of the Selectmen the embarrassment of having to call a special meeting to revote in order to achieve their goal of rejection of the candidate.”

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