Cohasset Selectmen vote to protest nasty cartoon to GateHouse Media bigwigs

Quigley said she would feel this way no matter who had been shot in the cartoon.

FredSelectmen voted 4-0-1 to protest to GateHouse Media a May 16th Cohasset Mariner cartoon that left the board’s former colleague dead, with Selectchair Diane Kennedy and new selectman Kevin McCarthy cleaning their guns over his body. On second review, it looks like McCarthy is actually reloading.

Selectman Steve Gamer abstained from the vote, because he said he never saw the cartoon, although selectman Martha Gjesteby said she had a copy of it with her.

Although Cohasset had made great strides in moving in a positive direction, selectman Quigley said a nasty selectmen’s race followed by an offensive Cohasset Mariner cartoon, should not be tolerated. Quigley said she would feel this no matter who had been shot in the cartoon. “We must end the politics of personal destruction,” Quigley said, making a motion to contact GateHouse Media regarding (some of) the selectmen’s displeasure.

Kennedy seconded the motion, saying she was a pacifist, and it was difficult for her to see her cartoon self standing there with gun in hand and a smirk on her face. Kennedy said she would write the letter.

Scituate resident Mary Ford edits the Cohasset Mariner. Ford has become politically involved in the town via her support over many years of Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley. Many think her support of Quigley has largely colored her view of town politics. In short, Ford throws her editorial support to anybody who might make Quigley chief.

Now former selectman Fred Koed ran into the wrath of Ford when he argued for his board to run a non-political search for chief. Three searches were begun and then aborted when selectmen discovered the search had not been properly advertised, and/or was hot-wired so that only Quigley could match the qualifications.

The search for a permanent Police Chief is expected to begin again this summer. Town Manager Chris Senior will decide how the search proceeds and then offer his top candidate to the board of selectmen who can accept or reject his choice.

Cartoon was executed by Matt Brown of Scituate

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