Cohasset Selectmen to Strategize Cat Dam Move

by Tom Wolf

The posted agenda for the Cohasset Board of Selectmen meeting for Tuesday, Sept. 20 concludes with the selectmen going into executive session for the purpose of discussing  Cat Dam.Such sessions are allowed by law for very limited purposes, almost exclusively the discussion of personnel issues and litigation. We could waste a lot of time trying to speculate just what kind of litigation matters over Cat Dam the BOS may be contemplating; we would be missing the real point… just what can the selectmen have in mind that they can’t share with all of us.

Granted, many, many precious Cat Dam moments have been shared over the past months, in balance much to the embarrasment of the selectmen; this by itself may explain a desire for privacy.  But the MEPA process now dictated by the DEP is based on open discussion and process; for the selectmen to take their first reactionary step by going behind closed doors risks sending a strong signal to those who are about to regulate us that our BOS is rejecting this openness and continuing to act as if ‘these rule must be for others… surely you don’t mean to apply them to us here in Cohasset.”

Actually, there is some small cause for hope here,  The BOS, by announcing in advance that it will be having private discussions, will on at least this occasion, be in full compliance with open meeting law as opposed to all those other occurrences  when … although not provable at this point …selectmen clearly must have violated open meeting law based on their uncanny ability to reach consensus with virtually no public discussion amongst themselves.

Do any amongst us  -or amongst the 120 plus citizens who signed the petition demanding that the BOS reconsider its vote on Con Com reappointments -believe that this and other actions have contained absolutely no communication prior to the BOS meeting and the meeting and the votes which occurred?
That possibility defies all credibility.

When contemplating just what the selectmen have in mind that reeks so bad it cannot stand a public airing, one need only think back over the many sordid events and actions which have wafted along the Cat Dam process to catch the scent of where this is going …. don’t think for a minute that this can’t possibly get worse.

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