Cohasset Selectmen strike 3 from ConCom

by Karen Quigley

This Time They’ve Gone Too Far

There was a stunned silence and then someone uttered Unbelievable! A much more polite statement than what was running through my mind.

While the appointment of members to the Conservation Commission belongs to the Board of Selectmen, their 3 (Koed, Jenkins, Carlson) to 2 (Carr, Kennedy) decision on Tuesday night July 12, 2011) is so wrong, on so many levels. Having the right to do something doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing to do.

In a nutshell, people with a conflict of interest and who were not especially qualified replaced highly proficient and respected individuals: Debbie Cook, Sarah Charron and Dick Karoff.

Yet again, the E-20, fearing ConCom would not simply roll over and approve their NOI, have prevailed upon their three good buddies on the BoS, who do roll over, to appoint ‘their’ people.

Town Hall received six applications, hand delivered at the last minute. Three were members of the E-20. Three were not but any intelligent person would question their allegiances given their applications were delivered by the E-20. One other application was received. Address: Nichols Road. What a coincidence!

The BoS had options. It could have reappointed the existing commissioners and following precedent, appointed the E-20 applicants as associates. Or more responsibly, they could have set aside the applications that had a conflict of interest until the Cat Dam NOI had been determined.

Instead it chose to treat people who had served the Town well and selflessly with disdain.

Appointing members who have an agenda is incomprehensible; to do so while the project is under consideration is unprecedented. There can be no reason to do either except to pervert and disrupt the legal proceeding.

This is a travesty, a corruption of authority. ConCom is a permitting board. Its decisions are based on laws and regulations. Politics and partisanship have no place on this board.

This time they’ve gone too far. This is beyond any reasonable representation of a constituent group. It should cause every citizen in this Town to question the integrity of three of their highest elected officials and their ability to impartially act in the best interests of the Town as a whole.

© Copyright 2011 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed