Cohasset Selectmen ratified Christopher Senior’s contract Tuesday

Cohasset Selectmen ratified Christopher Senior’s contract Tuesday

Senior ChrisSenior’s contract will take him through January 12, 2017.

Vice chair Diane Kennedy said Senior will be paid an annual salary of $148,000 a year for all three years. There is a clause in his contract that allows the board to review and to adjust his salary upwards. Vacation time is four weeks a year. Senior has opted to remain with his own health insurance plan, but has the option to pull out of the opt out, according to Kennedy.

Senior will start showing up at town hall on Monday, January 13th. His contract was voted 5-0.

Kennedy noted that Senior arrived in town last Thursday, knowing the town was expecting a storm. He spent some time at the command center, observing the way things work.

Fire Chief Bob Silvia said Senior spent a couple of hours with Senior reviewing the coastal flooding that comes with a storm like this. “It was a great opportunity to spend time with all the department heads.”

In unrelated news, we incorrectly reported before Christmas that the governor had signed Cohasset’s Amended Town Manager Act. We had received that mis-information from Senator Hedlund’s office, that was misinformed by the Governor’s office.

According to Patrick O’Connor, the Act was enacted by the House Tuesday. It’s queued up in the Senate for Thursday. It is unknown how long it will take to get to the Governor who will sign it into law.

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