Cohasset Selectmen might choose town manager finalists Tuesday

Cohasset Selectman Vice Chairman Diane Kennedy read the statement statement from Chairman Fred Koed who was unable to attend special town meeting on the 23rd.  Consequently, the committee was unable to choose finalists.  The rest of the 6 articles passed with little debate: 

Kennedy left messages with all candidates that the board would meet Tuesday, Nov. 26 to choose finalists and schedule final interviews and a meeting with ‘stakeholders’.

Fred’s letter

A conflict has arisen for me and I won’t be able to make the Special Town Meeting tomorrow. I will also be out of communication for most of the next 24 hours, except maybe for text messaging if that.

I have confidence that you will be able to get through the STM and the 7 articles and get through the selectmen’s meeting without me. The best advice I can give you is that brevity is always better and you should strive to keep any recommendations short and to the point. Especially presentations.

In regard to the Selectmen’s Meeting Saturday, and the possibility of thinning of the field of town manager candidates down. Remember Jeff Nutting’s advice, this is the most important job the selectmen have right now.  This is going to take some leadership from all of you and a willingness to compromise a bit if needed.

During the last selectmen’s meeting there was a discussion about a cut down to 2 or 3 (or 4?) candidates but no vote as to the number. I recommend that you decide first if you are ready to cut the number down, as we discussed at the last selectmen’s meeting. If so, then debate that number, and then take a vote on what that number is going to be.

If you have decided tomorrow during that selectmen’s meeting that it is going to be cut down, then let’s have your best effort to fill those slots with your personal preferences. There are five great candidates; we just need to figure out the best fit for Cohasset.

Last note, I had a request to try to work in some more citizen involvement or opportunity to connect with the candidates. If you can figure something out on this, that would be great.

I recommend we make available some resume copies at the selectmen’s office for anyone interested in reviewing the candidates resumes.

I just need to know the beginning of the week what you decided on Saturday, how many candidates you decided to interview and which ones or if it is all of them again.

Best of luck,


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