Cohasset Selectmen meet Oct. 1

Tonight’s agenda:
7:00 Public comment
7:05 Update on proposed revisions of intersection of Norman Todd Road and Beachwood Street. Selectmen went on a site visit last Friday. It s thought by some that the opening onto Beechwood is too narrow.
7:15: Glen Pratt on request for land transfer on Senior Center
7:20 Buget Review
8:20: Recap and discussion of BOS goals and objectives and action to be taken
8:40: Colllins Center update. Vote on which town manager act (or both acts) to proceed under on search, etc. Editor’s note: the current act effects local candididates that are serving on appointed positions. The Amended Town Manager Act is still in “reading” stages. Unleashed has been hearing the same rumors that former selectman Ted Carr heard a month ago. It appears the amended act may well be doomed.
8:50: Selecmen Comment
9:05: Town Manager Updates
9:30: Public comment
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~ Henry Van Dyke 
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