Cohasset Selectmen Meet tonight at 7

The Cohasset Board of Selectmen has definitely come down a peg or two in the past week. Actually, there are no more pegs left to come down.

Former Cohasset Selectman Ted Carr was caught going to the state trough too many times and got “bumped” by State Auditor Suzanne Bump.

Your board of selectmen is about to attack its 83-year-old member, for having released what is probably public information to a legal confidant.

The Nichols Road group has decided on its candidates for selectman, neither of whom are former selectman Ted Carr or Cohasset Select Chair Paul Carlson.  That must be a slap in the face after all the good work these two men have done for the E-20. But they are damaged goods, now.

It’s difficult to know what’s happening with the acting town manager’s old contract, new contract, and if it is an acting town manager’s contract or a town manager’s contract. All very confusing – very confusing every meeting. It appears after tonight’s executive session there will be an announcement of some sort. Now what might that be?

Has Milanoski fired someone else?

Tune into the Trail of Tears, starring kiss-my-ring Michael Milanoski and his water bearers, the Cohasset Board of Selectmen.

Check back on this blog later tonight to see what happened.

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