Cohasset Selectmen make appointments and other news

Cohasset Selectmen appoint boards

Selectmen reappointed Susan Kent, associate member and full member Charlie Higginson to the six-member Zoning Board of Appeals. Chairman Woody Chittick noted that the town had received queries from three other people who look very good. “I am heartened by the interest, but see no negatives in reappointing the current members,” Chittick said.

Selectman Diane Kennedy asked if anyone had reached out to the newly interested people. Chittick said all three might be suitable for the design review board which he said was a great feeder board and a good way to get people involved. He also said the planning board might be another opportunity.

Selectman Steve Gaumer asked what the average tenure was on the board.  Chittick said 7-8-9 years.  Gaumer said “It would seem that all of our boards benefit from an occasional infusion of new blood; I recognize you have preference for committee members at hand, but when we have people reaching out, I don’t want to shut off volunteerism.

Chittick told Gaumer there was a lot of law behind the decisions that have to be made. “It’s not an easy subject to master in a year or two.”

Gaumer replied that longevity has to start somewhere. Chittick replied that in a few years there would probably be some openings.  Chittick said there was so much law behind their decisions and ZBA  was not an easy subject to master in a year or two. Gaumer – have to start that longevity somewhere.

Paul Carlson and Pat Martin were reappointed to the Cable Committee. Rich Schiffman was a new appointment.

Advisory Committee – no appointments made.

Common Historic District – 5 positions available, no appointments made.

Mary Kennedy and Mike Riley were appointed to the Cultural Committee.

Susan Sardinia from the Housing Authority was appointed to the Community Preservation committee.

Council on Elder Affairs – no appointments made.

Dick Avery was reappointed to the Open Space committee.

Sr. Center Planning committee – waiting, one position pending

James Fitzgerald was reappointed to the Stormwater Advisory committee.

Jackie Dormitzer was appointed Town Archivist, upon the retirement of David Wadsworth.

David Wadsworth and Peter Wood were appointed to the Historical commission.

There are two more openings on the commission.Two more positions need to be filled.

There are five applicants for 2 associates positions on Conservation commission. The acting town manager is consulting with the chairman of the commission.

 In other selectmen news: 

Selectmen are seeking a facilitator to lead a meeting at which 14 goals and objectives for FY 14 will be discussed. Selectman Kennedy noted that the Collins Center had these services available. Selectman Martha Gjesteby said the Massachusetts Area Planning Counsel also provided this service. Selectmen would like to utilize the Lightkeepers Cottage for the discussion. A date has not been set.

Computer Use Policy Subcommittee: Selectman Steve Gaumer and Select chair Fred Koed volunteered to serve on this committee.

On July 10th selectmen hope to sign a contract with the Collins Center to proceed with a search for a permanent town manager. They will be looking for a reserve fund transfer.

Selectman Karen Quigley asked that a town wide hiring freeze be discussed on this agenda, but said after giving it serious thought, and having come upon new information, she would not proceed with a motion on the same.

During the public comment period resident Peter DeCaprio asked Koed if he had a relationship with the owner of 559 Jerusalem Road. Koed has no financial interest with Ted Ford, who owns the property. But he said he did work with Ford’s brother Chris in the early 80s when they owned real estate in Hull. Koed said town counsel said because Koed had no current financial relationship with Chris Ford, he was not in conflict of interest in voting on any matter regarding the property at 559 Jerusalem Road. Selectmen recenlty voted to have town counsel and Ted Ford’s counsel look into trying to negotiate a settlement between the conservation commission and Ford. Ford needs the conservation commission to sign off on the stormwater permit for the project and issue an order of condtions.


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