Cohasset Selectmen Double Down on Milanoski

I didn’t think I could be surprised by anything this Board does. I was wrong. In executive session by a 4-1 vote they extended the Acting Town Manager’s contract until June 30, 2015. We only know this because the chair of the BoS issued a press release.

It is within their purview to do so. However, it is unprecedented not to issue an RFP for the Chief Executive Officer of our Town. Other adjectives that come to mind are: irresponsible, ill advised, and derelict.

This is the individual who hires, fires, manages, carries out policy and is responsible for a $50+ million budget.

And this Board is so arrogant that it sees nothing wrong in handpicking an individual with no experience. Without any public vetting other than that sham of a review they held Tuesday night.

Nothing wrong in not considering that there just might be someone out there who would be better qualified? No. That would be exercising their responsibility to all the citizens of this Town.

Instead, the only reason I can think of for this blatant disregard for process and procedure is that their priority was not to find the best candidate. It was to ensure that Mr. Milanoski has employment after he makes his settlement with Attleboro.

Mr. Milanoski submitted his resume for the prior Town Manager Search. Instead of competing he withdrew. Was it preordained even then?

Maybe that explains the overwhelming opposition and utter lack of support by the BoS to the former Town Manager. Remember him? The one chosen by the Town Manager Search Committee that Mr. Milanoski chaired. The one the Selectmen chose. The one they fired. The one that’s going to sue Cohasset.

Just my opinion.




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