Cohasset Selectmen Do-Over

Last Friday at 5 p.m. Cohasset Selectmen attempted to vote on a press release about what they were doing with regard to Mike Milanoski’s extended illegal Town Manager’s contract. They will attempt the same feat Thursday, Oct. 26th at 7 p.m. This week it appears to be posted correctly.  It will be interesting to see what they tell us this week.  The last press release was a love letter to Michael and not much else.  If they were attempting to pacify the community, get us ready to change the Town Manager Act at the Dec. 10th meeting, they failed miserably because they never mentioned it, not once. It’s a bunch of mush.

Tonight’s (Thurs., Oct. 24) meeting is, for all intents and purposes, a Selectmen Do-Over.

Last week the posting was wrong (our Illegal Town Manager hasn’t yet taken the how to post meetings course). There was no subject matter.  You have to inform the public as to the subject of the meeting.  Discussion – Action Requested is not enough. It appeared they didn’t want us there – but a posting like that excites the media.  

Selectmen may believe that acting town manger positions “can and often do last for multiple years” but they are WRONG, WRONG WRONG. Also, Selectmen said in their illegal press release that Select Chair Paul Carlson and Lee Jenkins were working with counsel on the extension of Milanoski’s contract through June 30, 2015.  We highly doubt that because that would be illegal. And our Real Town Counsel would know better. So, who is acting as Town Counsel these days?  Under what legal authority are Selectmen running this Town?

Milanoski is presently nothing. He is neither an Acting Town Manager nor a Town Manager, neither fish nor fowl.    

Your Selectmen have given Milanoski an illegal Town Manager’s contract. This is spite of the fact he had served as an associate members of the Conservation Commission, Chairman of the Government Structure Committee, chairman of the Town Manager Search Committee. Milansoki told Our Town in a segment this week that some of those committees were ad hoc committees – so they didn’t really count.  He is so full of it.

There are no ad hoc committees in town government. Where does he get this stuff? Oh, that’s right. You learn that in Town Manager 201, he hasn’t had that course yet.  If he’s messing up his own contract and his own postings, what’s he doing with the other contracts he’s supposedly negotiating? Is this why nothing is ever finished?

You, dear readers can put this whole subject to rest by attending the Dec. 10th special town meeting and voting to remove all qualifications for town manager (anybody can be appointed) and he or she can be serving on any elected or appointed board at the time of their appointment.

And this will result in…. a new town manager with every new board of selectmen majority. And that town manager will bring with him or her their own police chief, accountant, and there will be lots of town managers and lots of pensions. It will be a real merry-go-‘round. I’ve seen towns on that merry-go-‘round.

Do you know how Cohasset suspended Police Chief Mark DeLuca really lost his job in Duxbury? The Town hired a new Town Manager and he wanted his own Top Cop. And now the same thing is happening to DeLuca in Cohasset. The illegal Milanoski was appointed and he wanted his own, devoted Peeps. He would also like the power to appoint the assessors, the town clerk, the board of health, the housing authority, the planning board…everybody he can get his hands on. The King always found it easier to exercise authority when he had complete control.

Citizens of Cohasset. If changes to the Town Manager Act end up on the Dec. 10th warrant, show up and vote the article down.

© Copyright 2012 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed