Cohasset Police Chief RFP to be on Town website soon

Town Manager Chris Senior said is working on an RFP that will be on the Town’s website as early as next week, adding that a  permanent chief could be in place in early 2015.

The search will be “speedy but comprehensive” Senior said, saying he will be using a recruitment and assessment center and will spend no more money than necessary.  He said an assessment center provides an interactive review of the candidates’ skills, philosophies and interactive abilities. 

Senior said hiring  a police chief will be one of he most important staffing decisions he will make and that he would adhere to the same focus on process, public safety, recruitment and assessment Cohasset has insisted on in making other decisions.

“I have been speaking with colleagues (about the search) extensively”, Senior said adding that he had been talking with the community and everyone had been very generous with their opinions. “I do appreciate the underlying tone of goodwill that comes with that.”

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