Cohasset Police Chief Put On Administrative Leave

Cohasset’s Trail of Tears is an on-going story.

The latest to be walked to the door and stripped of his keys, at the start of a busy Memorial Day Weekend for police, is Police Chief Mark DeLuca. DeLuca was placed on paid administrative leave by Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski sometime today (Friday, May 25).

Milanoski would not forward his press release to us, but apparently he said the Cohasset Police Union is upset with the chief. Not so say people close to this issue. They say Milanoski suspended DeLuca shortly after DeLuca complained to selectmen  about Milanoski’s alleged interference in police matters. Ho Ho!

It is known that Milanoski was upset with DeLuca’s speech at Annual Town Meeting saying he was against closing the station 4pm to 8am. It is said that Milanoski was  holding DeLuca’s contract over his head until after ATM – where DeLuca was expected to regurgitate the party line and then didn’t.

Another very sad day in the Town of Cohasset – where the leaders and their Boy Manager continue to fumble all the balls.

One selectman down,  four to go.

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  3 comments for “Cohasset Police Chief Put On Administrative Leave

  1. buster2121
    May 27, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I am a Cohasset resident. I have never met Chief DeLuca,, but I know many people who know him not only in Cohasset, but Duxbury. I have been told the Chief is an honorable man with integrity and pride. He is a straight shooter and is raising his five children as a single parent. Why is he suspended first, then an investigation to follow? That is backwards.
    Perhaps we should investigate Mr. Milanoski from his days in North Attleboro or wherever he was. This guy seems to have the town managers disease that took place in Duxbury. The disease is they think they are above the law , lie and cheat. I have been told the tm in Duxbury wont be around much longer due to his actions, along with the town being liable for millions. Lets get together Tuesday night to get the facts, not the bs from Mr Milanoski.

  2. LittleGuyWithHeart
    May 26, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Anyone who knows Mark DeLuca will tell you he is a man of honor. Many have described Mark as confident but humble. He could just go along with the program and leave the moral ethical compass behind. However, Mark always chooses to be honorable and truthful. He follows the law to the letter. The people in Cohasset are fortunate to have Mark as their chief of police. Whenever politics and a political machine enter the picture, the people usually end up on the losing end. It does not have to end up that way. The proud people of Cohasset should stand up and take back their town. One man (the town manager) does not run the government by himself. We live in America. Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let us all stand up tall for truth and honor. Let us all send a loud and clear message to this town manager and any other town manager who thinks they run the town government by themselves.


  3. Mike Coughlin
    May 25, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    As many of you know, yesterday I moved from Cohasset- content to turn the page and move on. Yet– I have one fault– its called “Fighting the fights that need fighting”

    So the day after I leave Cohasset– on a Friday of Memorial weekend- the Interim Town Manager placed the Chief of Police on administrative leave. What the Interim Town Manager lacks– I have– having had the responsibility of removing a police chief for misconduct (Southbridge) I can tell you that it is standard practice to conduct a preliminary investigation “PRIOR” to placing the chief on leave.

    I can also tell you that a Police Chief is charged with running a department composed of “Type A” personalities. It is not unusual for the Chief being in conflict with his unions. In this case– the Interim Town Manager and the BOS may have set the Chief up. For the past year, they have chided the Chief for overtime issues beyond his control and the simplistic notion that he had to engage the union in changing the status quo. This surely caused conflict.

    The Chief also, as a whistleblower, got up in front of town meeting and spoke against the dangers of a dark station. But perhaps his principal sin is his support of me during my removal.

    I may be gone but there is still an opportunity for Cohasset to stop the obvious purge. Town employees demoted, contracts ignored, the Operations Department disbanded – the director and engineering assistant let go and now the police chief– when will this end?

    It will end when the citizens show up to support the Chief – I will be back in Cohasset on Tuesday – please join me at the Discovery Museum at 7 p.m. – the site of the next Selectmen’s meeting.

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