Cohasset Police Chief DeLuca’s hearing may be Tuesday


Cohasset Mariner on-line is reporting that a “hearing” for Cohasset Police Chief Mark DeLuca, who has been on paid administrative leave since May 25, 2012, will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27th.  If so, and if the Cohasset Selectmen are attending, it will most likely be held at either of the executive sessions posted on both ends of the Selectmen’s agenda.      

A decision on whether the DeLuca hearing will be open or closed has not yet been determined, according to the Mariner report. It is actually DeLuca who determines whether it is open or closed. It should be noted that Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski, who put DeLuca on paid administrative leave last May was not officially acting in any capacity when he did so. Milanoski’s illegal Town Manager contract with the town was signed on June 26th.

DeLuca has been collecting $2,500 a week since the end of May, a time during which police overtime is skyrocketing and we could use an extra guy or two or three. When the reality of excessive police overtime happened during former town manager Mike Coughlin’s reign selectmen called in the specialized Cat Dam troops to study things. Now that Mr. Milanoski is in charge … not to worry. Quote from Milanoski at a recent meeting: “The numbers show that overtime is less expensive than headcount.” I thought we learned that last year.

In related news…it appears the Special Annual Town Meeting slated for Dec. 10th is still “on,” although it may be continued to Dec. 18th.  Can’t we get it a little closer to Christmas so we can disenfranchise the entire Town?

Several months ago a group of citizens planned to place a petition article on Special Town Meeting warrant only to discover that the time had passed. We thought we had missed it. When meeting minutes caught up to the town of Cohasset website we discovered that Selectmen had never voted to open the warrant. Selectmen Martha Gjesteby questioned illegal town manager Mike Milanoski about this oversight at several meetings.  He babbled something about placing an ad in the Mariner and something else. But actually, it never happened.

…just Cohasset citizens being disenfranchised, again, by the most transparent (self-styled) board of selectmen in the history of Cohasset.

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