Cohasset Police Chief DeLuca Retains Counsel

Friday afternoon –June 1, 2012

A week ago Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski suspended Police Chief Mark DeLuca pending further investigation into numerous “charges” made by fellow officers and others.

Since that time, DeLuca has named Attorney Jack Collins of the Mass. Chiefs of Police Association as his attorney.

In a phone conversation earlier today, Collins said he has contacted Town Counsel’s firm about the issue but has not yet heard back from the Town. Collins said as far as he is aware, DeLuca has a legal employment contract through August 2014. Collins noted that the first contract was signed by former Town Manager William Griffin and is valid through January 2013. The contract extension (valid through August 2014) was signed by former Town Manager Mike Coughlin and was not commented upon by selectmen until well after the 15-day window of opportunity that board has to approve or reject the contract, Collins said.

“Even if the Town disputes the validity of the extension, it would still be on the hook for 7-8 months of pay (if the Town decided to keep DeLuca on suspension with pay through his contract).” Collins said he expects this case to be negotiated and that “It would be premature” to talk about any lawsuit that might be generated by DeLuca at a future date.

In related news, when this blogger mentioned that the Town had posted a new volunteer position in the Town called “Keeper of the Lockup,” Collins said he knew exactly what the position was –a position that is normally held by the Police Chief.

“DeLuca was probably the Keeper of the Lock-up, the police chief usually is, as he has the over-all responsibility.” However, Collins said, naming a volunteer to this position, particularly in a dark station scenario, would not be a wise thing to do. “The Town would need to triple its insurance. I draft policies for all police departments advising them of the sensitivity of the lock-up. More suicides take place in small town police station cells than in prison, mainly because the prisons have trained personnel.”

Noted: This blog and newspaper received a vague letter from the Cohasset Police Union supporting Acting Town Manger Mike Milanoski in his suspension of DeLuca.

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