Cohasset Police Chief appointment on hold – again

Town Manager Chris Senior has put a hold on appointing a permanent police chief because he needs to lower the temperature. It’s possible Senior may have lost his first choice due to the antics of a Cohasset Citizen Militia (CCM) that is attempting to influence Senior’s choice through threats and innuendos (akin to “We’ll have your job if you don’t choose acting police chief Bill Quigley).

The administrator of the Facebook page named Citizens for a Safe Cohasset is anonymous but could well be Acting Chief Bill Quigley himself. When you Google Citizens for a Safe Cohasset outside of Facebook you end up on the Cohasset Police Facebook site, a site that Quigley administers. If this were found to be Quigley’s site, he could be facing any number of ethical charges: using the Town Seal for personal gain, unauthorized use of the Town Seal, impersonating a police officer, blah, blah, blah.

Further, the Citizen Militia may also fit the definition of a Political Action Committee (PAC) that should register with the Town Clerk. We will check tomorrow to see if it has registered and whether the Town Clerk feels it falls into the category of a PAC.

Senior made his choice for permanent chief over a week ago and it was not Bill Quigley. Rumors are that Senior’s first choice was frightened off by phone calls and threatening e-mails from the militia.

At Tuesday’s meeting Senior noted that Selectmen had agreed to the Badge Quest search and he thought they had agreed that the choice would be merit based, as written by former selectman Ralph Dormitzer and others who authored the updated Town Manager’s Act. The Act was updated in order that then acting town manager Mike Milanoski could be named permanent town manager. A clause in the old Act said one could not leap from an appointed position in the Town to Town Manager. The Government Structure committee had not changed the rules in time for Milanoski to apply for the permanent job.

Last fall all Selectmen said they wanted the permanent chief to be elected on merit, as stipulated by the TM Act; it now seems that two of those selectmen meant merit would be a qualifier only if Bill Quigley merited the job.

If Senior is holding up the process because he lost his candidate, then we surmise he is in the process of vetting a second and maybe a third candidate, perhaps Bill Quigley himself. However, we can’t imagine Senior wanting to hire any police chief candidate who comes complete with his own marching band and militia.

If Senior should stretch out the police chief search through May 9, Town Hall could turn from Mayberry to Death Star. If Paul Schubert should be elected to the board of Selectmen on May 9, Bill Quigley would have three votes on the board of selectmen. Of course Senior could refuse to offer him up, falling on his sword.

In Senior’s candy-coated speech to selectmen he noted the many collaborative efforts citizen volunteers are involved in within town government and in non-governmental community endeavors. What a terrific Town this is, he said, noting that spring came this week.

He cautioned selectmen when he said:

“I respect passion and I respect perspective,” adding that the selection of a police chief should not be a political campaign, particularly when the decision “had already been made.” A candidate had been chosen and possibly reneged on his acceptance when the Cohasset’s citizen militia descended upon that candidate via e-mails and phone calls, with the expressed desire to drive him from the appointment.

Select Chair Diane Kennedy summed up Senior’s statement by saying: “No decision has been made and you need some time.”

Addressing the Citizen Militia in the audience, composed of Ralph Dormitzer, Tom Killilea, Paul Carlson, Bill Burnett and Gabriel Gomez, Kennedy said: “We all read the newspapers, we saw Facebook.”

To Senior, Kennedy said: “We honor your space and time to do the right thing.”

In related appointment news, Senior said a health agent would be hired within the week and IT people would be in place by May. These new hires are replacements for the no-shows hired by Milanoski.

All of this exciting news as former Town Manager Mike Coughlin, who was driven out of the Town by this same group, is gearing up for a jury trial against the Town of Cohasset.

Breaking Tuesday night (4:14:15) CBS BOSTON reported that on March 26 the Cohasset PD arrested the wrong man for attempting to lure a young girl into his car in Cohasset. Michael Wynn of North Attleboro was arrested. But early this week the Norfolk DA said GPS records show Wynn was not in the area at the time.

Wonder if the Mariner’s Front Porch will offer an apology to Wynn. Wonder if Cohasset PD will be sued by Wynn?

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