Cohasset Police Chief apointment political donnybrook

It is now fully apparent that the appointment of the town’s police chief has become a political donnybrook. This is the exact opposite situation that the Town Manager, the BOS and similarly knowledgeable citizens sought when they placed the screening and evaluating of the candidates into the hands of a highly regarded. well experienced professional search firm. This critical decision acknowledged that certain town positions, particularly those dealing with public safety, must at all times be free of the taint of politics. In its simplest form, no citizen should have the expectation of more favorable treatment because they supported a winning candidate. Conversely no citizen should ever feel that his or her rights and expectations might be compromised by failing to support an ultimately selected candidate for, in this case, our police chief.

The Town Manager’s private – to candidates and BOS members – decision passed on to those individuals last week, quickly went viral and launched a full court press to have the selection rescinded and to have the favored candidate of a few but very vocal individuals elevated to the position. No consideration whatsoever appears to have been given to the process which yielded the best available candidate. Nor was any similar consideration given to the righteousness of the process and the detailed logic presented by the TM in revealing his selection. It is further alarming that the core of the losing candidates supporters most recently participated in a citizens review of the town’s bylaws and concluded with some changes in the way the town operates but absolutely none with regard to appointment of certain town officials, including the appointment of the Police Chief by the Town Manager.

Virtually every step that could have been taken to change the result as announced has been taken, from intimidation of town officials to public appeals to rectify this alleged injustice. Most of these efforts have been characterized by reaching a new abyss in Cohasset small town politics. All of them share one thing in common; the allegedly wronged candidate has not uttered one word to soften or end this destructive process, Can he not possibly know that the position he covets bears a mantle of dignity, respect and impartiality. Apparently not, as it is he, not lady justice who wears the blindfold to these efforts in his behalf. There is not a scintilla of class in his reaction to these efforts, there are even some indications of his direct or indirect participation.

His is a truly poison pill defense as his goal of becoming chief slips away, perhaps forever in this town. Can he not see that no new chief will ever trust or respect him as an individual and as a member of the Cohasset force. For that matter. isn’t this precisely how he will be regarded by a vast, vast majority of Cohasset citizens who must be properly appalled by these efforts in his behalf at the expense of all else.

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