Cohasset PD under fire for alleged false arrest

Cohasset's Police Chief Search continues

One day before Cohasset Selectmen rejected the Town Manager’s choice of Weymouth Executive Officer Joe Comperchio for permanent police chief, the board had been informed that the Cohasset PD was being accused of a false arrest. (original story

This information did not deter a majority of the board (Quigley & Kennedy dissenting) from voting down the Town Manager’s choice nor did it deter Select Chair Steve Gaumer from advising his TM Chris Senior that the board wanted Senior to appoint Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley as permanent chief.

On June 30th Tinytown Unleashed put in a public documents request to Town Hall asking for all information pertaining to any action being contemplated against the Town of Cohasset on behalf of Michael X Wynn.

Documents supplied on July 14 show that Atty. Howard Friedman of Boston, representing Michael Wynn of Attleboro, notified the Town Manager Chris Senior on May 26 that Wynn would be making claims against the Town of Cohasset for negligence in their duties and for significant damages caused to Wynn with regard to his person and his civil rights. Friedman promised that a demand letter would follow.

Friedman noted that Wynn was arrested 3/27/15 at his home in North Attleborough by Cohasset police detective Harrison W. Schmidt along with Lt. Gregory Lennon. The warrant charged that Wynn had failed to register as a sex offender and enticement of a child. Friedman said the arrest resulted in a huge amount of publicity and when North Attleborough PD saw the publicity in their town they contacted Cohasset PD to inform them that Wynn had properly registered as a sex offender living in their own and had properly included that he worked delivering newspapers in Cohasset.

Friedman noted that the victim was unable to identify Wynn through a photo array. Also, Friedman alleges, on March 29 the Cohasset PD learned that Wynn had been wearing a GPS anklet. Cohasset PD obtained the data from the device that proved that Wynn was not in the area of the offense at the time the offense took place.

Although GPS evidence proved otherwise, Friedman alleges Cohasset PD “more” than ignored this vital information by failing to provide the “exculpatory” information to the court, prosecutor or criminal defense attorney. Consequently, Wynn spent almost a month in custody.

On June 3 MIIA notified the Town that under the Town’s law enforcement legal liability contract a $1 Million per person limit of liability subject to a $7,500 per person deductible is provided. After a careful review of all facts to date, MIIA said it agreed to defend and indemnify members of the Cohasset PD but that this would not restrict MIIA from asserting any other grounds that might become available to it in the future. However, it said punitive damages had not been plead, but it as the position of MIIA Property and Casualty Group that punitive damages are not insurable in Massachusetts as a matter of public policy. Therefore, it could not issue payment of any award of punitive damages.

It was noted by MIIA that had exculpatory information gathered during the course of the investigation had not been withheld by the members of the Cohasset PD, the claimant would not have spent 23 days in jail.

This is what Tinytown Unleashed wrote about all of this on April 15:

Inquiring minds would like to know if Cohasset Selectmen plan to have the Town Manager appoint Quigley as permanent chief before or after this lawsuit is settled and/or in what direction the search for a permanent chief is headed.


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