Cohasset Meetings wk of August 14

Cohasset Selectmen have scheduled a meeting for August 16, at which they will be presented a petition from numerous P-oed Cohasset residents upset over their appointments and disappointments to the Conservation Commission. It is expected that former selectmen Ronnie McMorris will present the petition.

Thursday, August 18th the Conservation Commission will meet on numerous topics. Newly appointed commissioner and vice chair James Marten will run the meeting. On the agenda is:

1. Scituate Racket Club

2. Cedar and North Main Street

3. Cohasset Utilization Project, Phase III

4. 20 Bow Street

5. Tidal Exchange, Cat Dam, Dennis McNutly.**

6. Numerous Storm Water Permit applications

**This is the one we’re interested in. What could possibly be amiss in Cat Dam World?

Cat Dam, Cohasset Selectmen

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