Cohasset Mariner election cartoon causes stir in community

Cartoon shows losing selectman candidate dead.

bulletvoteIn a day and age when nursery school children lose their scholarships because they chewed their peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the shape of a gun, the Cohasset Mariner has some ‘splainng to do.

The cartoon*  above ran in the Cohasset Mariner the week after an election in which now former Selectman Fred Koed got trounced by his vice chair Diane Kennedy and new selectman Kevin McCarthy.

We all make bad decisions in this business, but this cartoon is rotten to its core. An irate citizen called me and said the cartoon might well have been labeled: Fred is Dead.

In the May 10th Cohasset Annual Elections Koed was double-teamed by design and his 900 supporters, in an effort to get Fred re-elected, asked supporters to sacrifice their second vote in the race that was composed of two seats and three candidates.

The result of the election shows that of 4,000 votes possible, 500 voters did not vote for a second candidate. Kennedy came in with 1400 votes, McCarthy with 1200 and Koed with 900.

*We put this cartoon on our blog for news purposes. Had this cartoon appeared on the Cohasset Mariner website we would have linked to it. Matt Brown, a Scituate resident and former cartoonist for Building 19, executed the cartoon. Pun intended.


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