Cohasset Group behind Bill Quigley petition comes forth

This press release was sent to Tinytown Unleashed by Kevin R. McCarthy, new c0-chairman of the Cohasset Governance committee. We are a bit concerned that the group has not registered as a political action committee.   The group singles out ONLY Cohasset Selecman Chair Fred Koed who just happens to be up for  election this spring.   This effort appears to be a campaign in its infancy, and if so it needs to identify itself as the same. Unleashed is  asking for guidance from the Mass Office of Campaign and Political Finance. – Tanna Kasperowicz

Press Release  dated September 4th, 2013

Support Bill Quigley for Police Chief

A group of concerned citizens has launched a campaign urging the Board of Selectmen to approve the pending nomination of Bill Quigley for Police Chief in Cohasset.

Bill has served Cohasset with distinction and integrity for eighteen years, starting as Animal Control Officer and working himself up to Lieutenant and Deputy Police Chief. Since May 2012 he has served as Acting Police Chief.  By all accounts, Bill has done a great job in a very difficult and politically charged environment.  He has the support of the members of the Police Department, almost all of the citizens of the Town, the regional police chiefs and the Norfolk County District Attorney.  Bill has also received the support of the Cohasset Mariner in an editorial published in the August 30 edition.  He also has the expressed public support of former selectmen who have worked with him: Gary Vanderweil, Ralph Dormitzer, Ted Carr, Leland Jenkins and Paul Carlson.

Bill does not just sit behind his desk and issue orders.  He gets out and works with people.  Many people have told us how he made a difference when they were having a difficult time.

We believe Bill is highly qualified for the job.  No outside candidate will have the in depth knowledge of Cohasset and the long standing respect of the residents.  Cohasset should reward town employees who have demonstrated leadership skills. As former Selectman Chair Gary Vanderweil wrote: “Cohasset should be sticking with its winners. We should pay more heed to demonstrated capability and accomplishment, all of which is difficult to assess in an outsider.”

Unfortunately, his nomination has become embroiled in town politics with a faction opposing his candidacy and asking for a lengthy search process.

We urge residents to support Bill Quigley for Police Chief by signing the online petition.  Simply enter in your browser.  In the search box in the lower right of the home page, enter Quigley Cohasset and our petition will be on the top of the list.  All you need to do is enter your name, email address and zip code.  You may also add a comment.  No personal information will be collected.  After your name has been posted, the website will ask you for a donation.  If you prefer not to donate, you can leave the petition web page before donating.  

 Supporters are also urged to send an email to Selectmen Chairman Fred Koed at with “Support Bill Quigley for Police Chief” in the subject line. 

Paul Carlson, Ralph Dormitzer, Peter Decaprio, Jack Keniley, George Chamillard, Thomas Killilea, Bill Burnett.

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