Cohasset Governance seeks LIFE

The Committee That Would Be King

Former selectman and Governance committee member Merle Brown is the first signer of a citizens’ petition to make the Governance committee a Standing committee appointed by the Troika as opposed to their current appointing authority, the Selectmen.

Selectmen voted to sunset the committee at the conclusion of the April 28th Annual Town Meeting.

This article appears to be a hijacking of the Board of Selectmen by an appointed committee, whose terms appear to never end and whose self-styled charge permits it to enter into almost any aspect of town government it wishes, with automatic access to the warrant. (This article is probably not legal.)

This new Governance committee would be beyond a standing committee. It would be King.

The article reads as follows:

To see if the Town will vote to establish a standing Governance Committee to promote better governance, including accountability transparency, and the effective and efficient use of limited town resources.

The committee shall have seven members and two associate members (non-voting). The Troika shall appoint the members of this committee for staggered1 and renewal terms in accordance with Section 3: Officers and Committees of the General By-laws.

The committee shall provide ongoing review of Town governance and make recommendations for the improvements thereof, including potential changes to the Town’s governing documents, as deemed necessary.

The committee shall report recommendations to the Board of Selectmen the Town Manager and Town Meeting.

The committee will make regular reports either in writing or at a Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

Further, should the committee’s recommendations include by-Law changes and/or changes to other governing documents, the Board of Selectmen will reserve articles on the warrant to present these recommendations to Town Meeting.

(1Staggered – terms are for one, two or three years initially, and then for three years thereafter.)


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