Cohasset Good Governance group tactics intimidate citizens

Retired selectman Paul Carlson and his Good Governance APPOINT QUILGLEY group are expected to be at the dump this weekend in an effort to gather more signatures. Why didn’t Carlson and retired selectman Lee Jenkins APPOINT QUIGLEY when they were on the board last April?

We understand that the Good Governance group will be stationed at a table inside the landfill and have been told to stay at their table and not run about the dump and interfere with citizens’ recycling and dumping processes. If they do, they might get kicked out like they did last weekend. Last weekend I am told by witnesses that Carlson drove into the dump and parked his car at a strange angle in order to corral people. Many people were intimidated.

Not too many people get to do anything inside the dump except their dumping. Historically, student groups and others who are looking for signatures for town office have to stand at the entrance to the dump in a particular area. I am told this is for safety reasons. The Cohasset landfill is on the small site. It’s quite an interesting scene. Outside the public dump area are rolling hills that have been created with fill and accordingly have little air tubes pushing up every so many feet – not unlike a surreal Teletubbies landscape.

Personally, I do not like to do any heavy thinking when I am dumping and recycling and shopping a little at the Boutique, if the Jenkins’ haven’t already cleaned it out. I certainly do not want to have political discussions with hostile canvassers who won’t take no for an answer. If they should start chasing me around the dump, trying to educate me, I will not be happy.

Last weekend the obnoxious Good Governance Team was kicked out of the landfill several times by dump staff.

More Good Governance complaints

 Several people at Thursday’s farmers’ Market complained about Good Governance canvassers demanding that people sign their petition saying the selectmen were babies and they were educating people.  The schools are reportedly continuing to get calls after the Good Governance canvassers intimidated fans at the football game last weekend.

Get control of yourselves people!

Hopefully this issue will conclude at the selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, September 17 at 7:10 when the acting town manager is expected to finally appoint acting chief Bill Quigley permanent chief and selectmen will either vote on the spot or take it under advisement for 15 days.

A crowd is expected to attend the meeting that may have to be moved to the Town Hall auditorium and out of camera range if too many people show up. Probably just as well. Some things should not be televised.

At 8 p.m. Selectmen will discuss options for establishing a screening committee for permanent town manager applicants. What we really can’t wait for is the upcoming discussion of medical pot dispensaries. Anybody getting a license will have to grow their own. What about those guys who were growing pot on water department land last year? Their plants were reportedly very healthy. Wonder if they’ll apply?

Tinytown Unleashed expects to file a story on the selectmen’s meeting later that same evening.

Interesting news.  Water commissioner Peter DeCaprio put his house on the market and his friends say he will not be staying in Cohasset. If this is true and not just a vicious rumor – Volens vos a citatus trinus, DeCaprio.


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  2. Mike Coughlin
    September 14, 2013 at 8:43 am

    According to the Model Policy of Standards of Conduct for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, this sort of conduct on town property is prohibited. Although Bill Quigley is not soliciting the signatures himself- by not disavowing this effort on his behalf– he is arguably in violation of one of the important tenets of his profession– staying above local politics.

    For this reason alone, beside his role in the shameful exit of Chief Deluca, is enough to demonstrate he is not ready to assume the mantle of Chief of Police

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