Cohasset Extends Milanoski’s contract to 6/15

In a press release dated Aug. 22 Selectman Chairman Paul Carlson announced that after the selectmen’s review of Acting Town Manager Michael Milanoski on Tues., Aug. 21 the selectmen went into an executive session to discuss several union issues and Milansoki’s contract. During the executive session the board voted 4-1 (Selectman Martha Gjesteby voting nay) to extend Milanoski’s existing contract, which expires June 30, 2013,  through June 30, 2015. It is illegal to vote anything in executive session – but what the heck. They had to revote Milanoski’s contract in public session the last time they did this – like a few weeks ago. But they just plumb forgot.

Selectman Leland Jenkins will negotiate the terms of the new contract with Milanoski and present the contract to the full board for approval at a future date.

Carlson said in his press release that the board’s decision was based on the high quality of Milanoski’s efforts to date and with the confidence that he will continue to serve the town very well. Carlson added that it was the board’s desire to “assure continuity and stability in this important position.”

Milanoski is not qualified to serve the town as Town Manager.  His extended contract (a total of three years) thumbs its nose at the Strong Town Manager Act under which the town is governed.  Several months ago Town Counsel Paul DeRensis said that Milanoski could serve as Acting Town Manager for up to 5 years, after which he would have to separate from the town for a period of one year before he could be considered for the Town Manager’s position. (Note: when deRensis was asked about this statement in 2013, a statement that first  ran in the Pariot Ledger, he said he was misquoted and never knew it.)

Many people in the community view Milanoski’s appointment as a political one. He was serving on two appointed boards at the time the selectmen made him Acting Town Manager and he has had no experience as either a town manager or an assistant town manager in any town.

Concurrently, Milanoski is suing the City of Attleboro, asking the court to reinstate him in his job as Economic Development Director. The courts have ruled in Milanoski’s favor but the City of Attleboro is fighting his reinstatement. In August the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority voted to appeal the Bristol County Superior Court decision to reinstate Milanoski. It is unknown how Milanoski’s contract with Cohasset will effect his lawsuit against Attleboro and/or any settlement that may come to fruition.

Last June Milansoki’s attorney, Colin Confoey, was quoted as saying that Milanoski was “eager and available” to return to his position in Attleboro. Not so much, we guess.

In his very short tenure in Cohasset, since April, Milanoksi has already engaged in questionable and expensive personnel decisions. He put Police Chief Mark DeLuca on administrative leave and then ordered a $40,000 investigation (the last legal budget figure we had was June). The Town has been paying DeLuca $2,500 a week to stay home. It is doubtful DeLuca will ever return to service, nor will there be a hearing, nor can DeLuca ask for one, unless he is fired. Early on Milansoki publicly declared that DeLuca had allegedly forged letters, stolen Christmas toys, was friendly with the former town manager Mike Coughlin and more. But the charges added up to a hill of beans. It is thought that in order to protect Milanoski from malfeasance they will just allow DeLuca to slip away into the night. DeLuca’s ace in the hole is an extended contract signed by former town manager Mike Coughlin  – through August 2014.

It is doubtful DeLuca will slip away quietly.

A new controversy has arisen. One appointed town employee has suggested that a town contractor is allegedly requiring townspeople to file for permits that are not required by law. The town employee, who made the letter public, said that “people” are using the terms “conflict of interest” and “extortion” with regard to the contractor.  Milanoski hires both of these men. How did Milanoski, who micro-manages the entire town, allow this letter to take flight? When I asked the town employee the same, he said Milanoski was busy with other things.

Sounds like more work for Town Counsel.

Milanoski is a fireball. When he gets in trouble, people disappear.


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