Cohasset elders to scrutinize Selectman candidates

Tinytown Unleashed got a hold of some of the questions candidates (who were given the questions in advance) are going to be asked tomorrow morning at a special debate. Tana Carlson, wife of Cohasset Select Chair Paul Carlson, is the moderator. And she will do a fine job. We think the candidates are up to snuff, too.

These are just a few of the questions candidates will be asked to answer:

1. How do you plan to keep Cohasset affordable for its current commendably broad range of residents?

2. What services do you see as essential, desirable, or vulnerable to cutbacks?  How do the demographics of the various constituencies for these services impact their ranking of most to least important?

3. What additional sources of revenue to support essential and desirable services would be you seek, other than raising property taxes? Additional State or federal aid?  Focused taxes such as the ones defeated at Annual Town Meeting for an increased tax on meals and rooms in Cohasset?

4. Do you feel that current exemptions, abatement opportunities, and other financial help to seniors are sufficient, or could/should we do better?  What is your  plan to help address this issue for seniors? For instance, would you support a tax work-off program for those 60 or older?  How would you structure it?

5. Name three activities that you will participate in at the new Senior Center.

6. What do you propose to do about Cohasset’s huge, unfunded OPEB liability (the retirees pension and benefits account)?  – Thirty-seven million and rising  (probably already at $41MM). Many of the people who come to Cohasset Cafe are retired employees, or have family member who are retired.  A new strategy is called for, but what will it be?

7. What specific role does 60 Elm Street play in the Emergency Management Plan for Cohasset?

8. Would you support the idea of the school sharing resources that are in their budgets?

9. How will we pay for the new Senior Center?

10. Highlight the implications of the recent “Town Survey” as it relates to your leadership strategy.


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  1 comment for “Cohasset elders to scrutinize Selectman candidates

  1. May 5, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Let me be the first responder.

    I don’t think Selectmen should be required to put in any time at the senior center.
    I really resent this question because now all the candidates are all going to feel it necesary to show their love for the senior center.

    Selectmen put in myriad hours of time running the town. All four candiadates for selectmen are employed, with the possible exception of Selectman Leland Jenkins. Selectmen are supposed to be in touch with the town boards to which they are assigned. They are the executive board. Let them be the executive board.

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