Cohasset ConCom to Keep Farrag as Chair

Farrag stays Chair

David Farrag has retained his chairmanship of the Cohasset Conservation Commission. Apparently he had the votes and no one challenged him. But Alex Koines came late to the meeting and wondered aloud who was the new chairman.  So you know the new, untrained,  commissioners were probably thinking about a new chairman.

James Marten of the E20 group is vice chairman. Marten announced that he never looked at his E-mail and didn’t have a cell phone. This reporter told him that he was now a public person, vice chairman of the committee, and he needed to come into the modern age. He said he would do so. We’re counting on it.

The new bylaw subcommittee is comprised of: James Gilman, Jack Creighton and Ed Graham. They were told by this reporter that they had to post their subcommittee meetings. Associate member Mike Milanoski was very worried about the ConCom’s lack of governing bylaws and the committee’s financial records. But then it turned out the committee’s financial records seemed to be in pretty good form, just not yet in “the new form.”  The Town, if you remember, is presently experiencing a new financial system requiring purchase orders, etc. All hell broke lose last year when the water department was found to be deficient in all reporting areas . Hmmmm.

The new ConCom finance subcommittee is comprised of Milanoski, Marten and Vee Roebuck. They too will have to post their meetings. Vee Roebuck was elected secretary of the committee, responsible for minutes approvals.

You must remember that Cohasset Selectmen recently fired 4 members of the conservation commission but reappointed the 4th member as a non-voting associate. So in essence they replaced  44.4 percent of the board (dividing 9 by 4).  And because none of them came in as associate members, to learn the ropes, they will be a burden to the committee for a very long time. What the Selectmen did to this board is not unlike a school system having 400 students and within 24 hours acquiring another400 non-English speaking students. That’s Gilman, Koines, Marten, Milanoski. Very smart guys in all other areas. Have no knowledge of the Wetlands Laws which they are obligated by virtue of being on this committee, to uphold. They don’t even know that. They think they have options. All they have is latitude.

Farrag stays Chair.

Farrag stays chair.


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