Cohasset ConCom Petitioners Threaten Town Meeting action

Susan Kent and Cohasset ConCom petitioners went fishing at the Cohasset Selectmen’s Sept. 27th meeting and returned with many interesting things.

They (the selectmen) will allow the three, fired ConCom members to come before
them and hear their side of the story. That’s big – if Sara Charron, Debbie Cook and Dick Karoff will do it. It appears SelectChair Ted Carr is going to call them. And they, in turn, can request an audience with the Selectpeople if they should not be called after-all. How completely appropriate. I think it would be even more appropriate for the selectmen to read aloud one the ConCom’s Cat Dam hearing transcripts with all the shout-outs from members of the E20.

Carr said he’s going to talk with the Troika about appointing an investigatory committee. I think. It got a little swishy there. When there are no votes it’s hard to tell what is really intended or what will actually happen. He’s going to broach it with the Troika, but petitioners say they are prepared to take it to Special Town Meeting this December if the Selectmen don’t go forward. (Cohasset ConCom)

Carr is also going to draft a letter to the AG asking that the Board of Selectmen be investigated with regard to Cat Dam matters. That’s rich. All the Selectmen seemed to like that idea a little too much. Sounds like they’re begging to be investigated.

Selectmen are going to form a governance committee to review the handling of appointed boards and commissions.

Below is essentially what Susan Kent read as representative of petitioners’ thoughts on the matter.
(1) We request that the Selectmen re-open the Con Com reappointment process and give the three commissioners who were fired the opportunity to respond to the allegations made by Carlson, Jenkins and Koed.  We continue to call on the new commissioners to step down and become associate members for the sake of town harmony. The three deposed commissioners should then be re-appointed.  In light of Mrs. Roebuck’s comments at the meeting this week, it is very clear that Cohasset will suffer if we do not have highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals representing the town on this very important commission. While we believe the Selectmen’s action was taken in the context of the Cat Dam issue, it nonetheless has wider and more far-reaching consequences. The actions taken by the Selectmen will affect the operation of this important regulatory group for years to come.

(2) We should endorse Chairman Carr’s suggestion that the Selectmen appoint a Governance Committee to investigate procedures and process in general for the future. This is in addition to the committee we propose.

(3) We intend to bring forward an article for special town meeting and intend to call for a special town meeting if one is not scheduled for 2011. The article is as follows:

That an investigative committee be appointed within 30 days for the purpose of reviewing the town’s process relative to the Cat Dam matter, including, but not limited to the disbursement and disposition of the funds approved at Town Meeting; the Selectmen’s actions, including their decision making; any potential conflicts of interest, as well as the appropriate jurisdiction of the Selectmen, the Town Manager and the Conservation Commission as it relates to this matter.

The committee shall be appointed by the troika and be comprised of 7 citizens who are not currently serving on an appointed board.  Further that Town Meeting appropriate the sum of $5,000 in order that the committee may hire a part-time clerk and have all proceedings tape recorded.  The committee shall have access to all public records of both the Board of Selectmen and the Conservation Commission, including audio tapes and broadcasts, emails, internal memorandums and any and all other materials necessary to complete its job.  The work of the committee should be to review the decision making process regarding this very important issue, to report to Town Meeting in the spring, 2012 and to make recommendations.

The purpose of this work shall include educating the public, identifying any abuses of authority and/or discretion, as well as recommending corrective actions. (Cohasset ConCom)

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