Cohasset Citizen’s petitions bite the dust at annual meeting

Milanoski's Cohasset Town Meeting Petitions Voted Down

Two citizen’s petitions, whose first signer was former acting town manager Mike Milanoski, were presented to town meeting by signer Gabriel Gomez. Milanoski, present at the meeting, did not speak.

Both petitions were easily defeated on a voice vote. Both dealt with transparency and political finance issues.

Article 28: Amendment of Article III, Section 2 of the bylaws:

“Patronage is not a tolerated practice in Cohasset. All public jobs shall be advertised and an objective selection process will be developed absent of political influence to hire the most qualified candidate for the position consistent with the selection process.”


“Cohasset Elected Officials shall fully disclose in writing, prior to voting (sic) to grant relief to an applicant; all gifts, monies, gratuities, campaign contributions or other items of value they individually received from the applicant, (sic) that relief is to granted while serving in the elected position that they will be granting relief from.” (Former selectman Jane Goedecke pointed to this particular article as needing strong editing.}

Advisory committee member George Chamillard said advisors voted 5-1 to not recommend the articles.

“The version tonight (the new motion) is in strong need of editing, former selectman Jane Goedecke said, noting a dangling participle and saying it had been written in haste. She said for the dangling participle alone it should be rejected, noting a strong need for a bylaw review committee.

Jackie Dormitzer, a member of the bylaw review committee, said in the future she would like to be called before bylaw articles go to print.

Peter DeCaprio, a water commissioner, said state bureaucracy was distant, impersonal and out of touch. “We shouldn’t rely on the state. I would much rather be judged by my neighbors than out-of-touch bureaucrats. We should return as much government as possible to the community.”

To laughter, Russ Bonetti noted that in the Fireside Theater program of yesteryear there was a Department of Redundancy Department of Redundancy. “This duplicates state law. There is no need to have everyone do the same thing over and over again.”

With each presentation Gomez asked selectmen how they could be against transparency.

Select chair Fred Koed patiently explained that campaign and political finance, the ethics commission, and the attorney general were there for cities and towns. At earlier discussions on the transparency articles, Koed explained that if the town put something like this into its bylaw, It would be up to selectmen to investigate themselves and other elected officials. And they would have to foot the bill for the investigations.[

At the conclusion of each warrant article Milanoski had inserted a paragraph saying: Further (sic) the Board of Selectmen are directed to develop rules and regulations for the implementation of this section including provisions for enforcement within six months of the date of passage of this Article.

In related news, a citizen’s petition article asking to expand the Central Cohasset Waste Water Sewer District F was indefinitely postponed at the request of the signers.


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