Cohasset ATM slated for May 2, Town Election May 9

A possible developing political issue.....

This year citizens who wish to present petition articles to ATM (only 10 signatures required) will have the opportunity to discuss the wording of their articles with town counsel before gathering signatures. The deadline for submitting citizens’ petition articles to the Selectmen’s office is Feb. 17th.

Here’s a potential political HOT issue for town elections…

Sometime this April Badge Quest, a police and fire recruitment center, will deliver To Town Manager Chris Senior 2-4 police chief candidates who have been thoroughly vetted and evaluated by their peers. The timing of the appointment practically coincides with annual elections.

At that time Senior will take his top pick(s) to the selectmen, who can vote nay or yea.

At Selectmen’s most recent meeting, citizen Ralph Dormitzer and his coterie (former selectman Paul Carlson, conservation chair Jack Creighton, cable advisory committeeman Merle Brown, capital budget chair Jack Keniley) were present to put in a plug for their favorite candidate, acting police chief Bill Quigley. Keniley served as spokesperson.

Over the past year the pro-Quigley group and area newspapers have referred to massive citizen’s support of Quigley, that they say was demonstrated by a 600 plus signature MYSTERY petition call for the appointment of Quigley as permanent chief during the reign of former acting town manager Mike Milanoski. That petition, however, was never submitted to selectmen. It was just talked about. So no one knows who the alleged 600 people were who allegedly signed the petition or why it was not submitted.

James Gilman, the coterie’s alleged candidate for Selectman at May elections, was also at last week’s meeting. Gilman is one of the non-professional persons who were appointed to replace several professional and long-time members of the conservation commission in 2011. Two of the selectmen who voted to replace those conservation members lost their re-election bids and one chose not to run. The firing of conservation members continues to make people angry as recently as the last election. Gilman ran against sewer commission Wayne Sawchuk at the 2014 elections and lost by 362 votes.

There is only one selectman’s seat up for grabs this year. Selectman Martha Gjesteby has not yet declared if she will run for a second three-year term.

th-1No, the timing of the police chief search is not good for town elections or for Senior, but then we have seen Senior pull bunny rabbits out of several hats since he became Town Manager last January.


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