Cohasset Advisors to hear citizens’ petitions on Senior Center and Gjesteby

Cohasset Elder Affaris and the Cohasset Social Service League have refused to discuss fundraising and budgets with town hall

The Cohasset Advisory meeting on 9/25 at 7 pm, Cohasset Town Hall, might be a sizzler. There is reportedly little joy at town hall about the Cohasset Elder Affairs (CEA) articles for the Nov.17th special town meeting; this is mainly because the CEA and the Cohasset Social Service League (CSSL) have refused to discuss fundraising and budgets with town hall. None of the four articles being proposed  for the Nov. 17th special town meeting, three of which request funds, name those funds.

For several years now the CSSL has been fundraising to build a 8 or 9,000 square foot building at 91 Sohier Street. It has been built. Early on in the building process selectmen were told that the CSSL would at some point in time turn over the building and its furnishings to the town for a nominal fee. It appears that the League’s fundraising fell short and because the Social Service League reportedly holds a mortgage (an unknown amount), it cannot turn over the building to the town and must ask the town to lease the building.

At tonight’s advisory committee meeting Glen Pratt will ask advisors to support two Citizens Petitions (with no informational summaries) asking Nov. 17th special town meeting to appropriate one time funds to outfit (furnish) the Senior Center and a second petition to authorize the BOS to execute a lease for the 8 or 9,000 sq. ft. Senior Center located at 91 Sohier Street. Selectmen recently toured the building wearing hard hats. Another group of officials is now being allowed to tour the building.

In related news, selectmen will meet in an executive session Monday to discuss all four very complicated CEA articles it has been asked to put on the warrant. Two of those articles are also citizen petitions articles discussed in paragraph 3.

CEA is asking selectmen to put four articles on the warrant: the two articles named above and two additional articles: a supplemental appropriation for Fiscal 2015 article. No sum of money was named. The fourth article asks the town to vote to establish a revolving Fund Account for FY15. Keep in mind that we are operating in the FY15 budget now.

The rationale for running two of the articles as citizens’ petitions is because CEA and CSSL think the selectmen might refuse to put their articles on the warrant. Citizens’ petitions get automatic placement on the warrant.

The town’s Elder Affairs budget runs around $240,000 a year.

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Tinytown has already written about the citizens’ petition article asking the Town to reimburse Selectman Martha Gjesteby for the out-of-pocket money she spent ($9,226.52) in defending herself against former acting town manager Mike Milanoski, and her own board. She was found to be innocent of all accusations. Link: Tom Gruber, first signer on the Gjesteby petition, will address advisors as to the reasons they should support this article.


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