Cohasset acting town manager’s eligibility for permanent job questioned

The Collins Center will publish the final Town Manager profile that will be on the Collins center website in the near future, according to selectmen.

Cohasset selectmen will review and approve the final draft on-line, after which it will be printed and given to applicants for the position. Selectmen have been told recruitment begins this month.

At the Selectmen’s next meeting, scheduled for Sept. 17th, the board will talk about options regarding the selection committee for the search.

Selectman Steve Gaumer said he wanted to make a comment regarding the town manager search. Gaumer said it had brought to his attention (by an unnamed person) after last week’s meeting that the qualifications for the town manager, voted 3-2 by the board of selectmen, would preclude the acting town manager from applying.

Gaumer said when he brought this fact up to Richard Kobayashi (senior consultant at the Edward Collins Center for Public Management at UMass Boston), Kobayashi did not deny that the acting town manager would not be eligible under the qualifications voted on a 3-2 vote with Gaumer and Select Vice Chair Diane Kennedy voting no.

Gaumer said this was troubling because the consultant was hired by the board, and he now felt there was now a question as to whether there is/was integrity in the search process.  “If we’re given two choices and one is a false choice, then we have not done our job for the town.”

Selectman Diane Kennedy chose to ignore Gaumer’s remarks and noted that the Friends of Elder Affairs will soon start weekly Monday morning coffees and are looking for baked goods. Persons interested in baking should contact Karen Oronte (Karen Oronte <>).

Selectman Karen Quigley, responding to Gaumer’s charge that the Collins Center lacked integrity, said  “I don’t know how to begin.”

Quigley pointed out that the board differed over what the qualifications for town manager should be. “In my conversations, I did say I preferred a professional town manager. He was talking to all of us to get a feel to see what each individual’s thought process was. In one form or another, three individuals (selectmen) expressed the desire to have a professional town manager. After talking to all five board members, the Collins Center came up with two options.”

The Town Manager’s qualifications were decided on a 3-2 vote at the board’s Aug. 27th meeting. Selectmen want their candidate to have 7 years experience in municipal government as a Town or City Manager; or experience in an executive position that oversees the operation of a complex multi-function public entity that is governed by an elected policy body that makes decisions in public.  Minimum requirement is a BS  An MBA is preferred. Minimum salary will be $120,000 — but salary is negotiable for the right person.

To date, no one has publicly stated that the acting town manager is  not eligible to apply for the permanent position. Nor do the above qualifications appear to exclude him from applying. The only thing that might make the acting town manager ineligible from accepting the appointment, if it were to be offered, is the current Town Manager’s Act that states the permanent town manager cannot be hired from any of Cohasset’s appointed personnel. And who knows, there might even be a way to finesse that little glitch, like extend his contract until such time as the Amended Town Manager Act became law.

Another interesting hiccup just ahead: If Selectmen don’t vote to extend or renew the employment relationship with the acting town manager by September 30, his contact will terminate upon the expiration of the term on December 31, 2013. Again, this would not mean that Milanoski could not apply for the permanent job.

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Read Selectmen impressed with Collins Center

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