Cohasset Chief Mark DeLuca in Limbo

Based on what we heard at the Selectmen’s meeting tonight (held at Our World Children’s Museum) Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski should also be suspended with pay.

Last Friday Milanoski suspended Police Chief Mark DeLuca with pay pending an investigation of various union complaints that he said he could not talk about last week (in a press release to all other newspapers except this one) because of the pending investigation.

However, at tonight’s meeting Milanoski threw DeLuca under the bus, saying DeLuca was being investigated for forgery, misconduct, using his position to secure personal benefits (is that the old rumor that he stole the Toys for Tots presents?) and physical abuse.


To: Michael Milanoski, Town Manager
From: Mark M. DeLuca, Chief of Police
Re: Interference with Open Internal Investigation
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012

It has been brought to my attention, by Deputy Chief Quigley, that you recently had a conversation with Patrick Reardon, the Cohasset Police Union president about an incident involving possible misconduct by Cohasset Police Sergeant Jeff Treanor.

During that conversation you informed Officer Reardon to convey a message to Sgt. Treanor that if Sgt. Treanor forfeited his overtime pay for that day you would dismiss the misconduct allegations.

As troubling as this breach of the chain of command is, it is even more troubling that you instructed the union president specifically not to inform me of your conversation with him. Aside from instructing Officer Reardon to deceive me, you were aware that an internal investigation was underway, as you were the complaintant. You spoke to
witnesses compromising a sensitive investigation. Your attempt to influence witnesses in a open potentially criminal investigation could itself result in a potential criminal investigation.

Your motivation to attempt to manipulate this incident is unknown to me but what is known is that your actions were reckless and you unnecessarily exposed our Town to potential civil and criminal liability. This, combined with the message you have delivered that money will exonerate misconduct, creates a breeding ground for corruption.
The policy I have set in place regarding the police department is that all communications to other departments or agencies must go through the Chief’s office.

The purpose is to ensure accountability, continuity of mission, and clarity of message while representing the Cohasset Police Department in the most professional manner possible.

Above events place me in a position that I must demand to meet with the Board of Selectmen and yourself. The issues presented above are potentially ethical, civil, and criminal. It is paramount that we meet immediately.


Here’s the second letter from DeLuca to the Honorable Board of Selectmen:

To: The Honorable Board of Selectmen
From: Mark M. DeLuca, Chief of Police
Re: Notice
Date: May 25, 2012
Honorable Board of Selectmen, I respectfully inform you that I had a meeting scheduled at 8:00am this morning, May 25, 2012 with Selectman and Public Safety Liaison, Fred Koed. The purpose of this meeting was to give Mr. Koed the attached letter and inform him of actions that town manager Milanoski took, which I believe could possibly lead to
ethical, civil, or criminal sanctions. This 8:00am scheduled meeting was cancelled by Mr. Koed, thus I could not deliver the attached letter.

At 7:51am this same date I went to town hall to deliver the same attached letter to Mr. Milanoski, to find town hall locked. I phoned Mr. Milanoski to ask him to let me in so I could meet with him, at which point he instructed me to come back at 10:30am. He informed me that he was in town hall in the middle of a meeting.

At 10:30am, I went to Mr. Milanoski’s office to find Lt. Lennon and Deputy Chief Quigley seated in his office. Mr. Milanoski immediately informed me that as of this moment I was on paid administrative leave, to turn in my town issued equipment and vacate. Due to the above I did not serve or discuss the attached letter.

I anxiously await the opportunity to meet with your Honorable Board to resolve this matter. Additionally, I am requesting that my town owned computer be preserved as I left it this morning and that I be provided with documentation as to the foundation for the basis of this leave, since none was given to me this morning.
Thank you and I look forward to our meeting.
Mark M. DeLuca

DeLuca found himself being suspended by none other than the Boy Town Manager, Mike Milanoski. Looks like Milanoski put in some overtime regurgitating  some very old complaints..most of if not all were put to bed awhile back. I am totally confident that whatever Milanoski did was done with the complete permission of Diane Kennedy, Fred Koed, Paul Carlson and Lee Jenkins, who have been working for some time to get rid of DeLuca.

Thank the Lord for Karen Quigley, former selectman, who asked Selectman Chair Paul Carlson if he had any correspondence on the matter to share with the public, at which point he read the first letter from DeLuca into the public record but shied away from revealing the second DeLuca letter, saying the matter was under investigation by none other than…THE ACTING TOWN MANAGER, who is obviously part and parcel of the investigation.  There’s no doubt in this blogger’s mind that Milanoski’s interference in police matters led to DeLuca’s suspension.

During the public comment period, numerous individuals questioned the union complaints. Melissa Browne, a member the community liaison board, wondered if the grievances were really old ones. “What’s their shelf life,” she wondered. No answer. Bob Hayden, a retired police chief from Lawrence cautioned the selectmen to not allow the Acting Town Manager to part of the investigation because of his apparent involvement.  Jack Creighton, also a member of the community liaison board urged  Selectmen to consider an independent investigation. Merle Brown and Mark Alves, community liaison board members, agreed with Creighton.

At the conclusion of the meeting this blogger asked Selectmen to suspend the Acting Town Manager with pay until the matter could be settled by an outside of town group of people, comprised of two town managers, a police chief, etc. Chair Carlson said it was the Town Manager’s Act which put the Town Manager in charge of the same.

Selectmen need to do the right thing, and the right thing to do is to create an outside (the town)  investigatory committee to examine the what happened between the Police Chief and the Boy Town Manager.


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  1. jkeniley
    June 5, 2012 at 5:16 pm


    I wish I could take credit for lightofminots comments. They are not mine. If I do feel like commenting I will use my real name.


  2. June 3, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Dear Mr. Keniley;

    We’re recommending that what happened between the Acting Town Manager and the Police Chief be investigated by an outside party. It’s the way it’s done in most towns.

    How many aliases do you have, now? Why don’t you just sign your own name? Everybody knows it’s you.

    P.S. It’s Town Counsel, not Town Council.

  3. LightofMinot
    June 2, 2012 at 9:21 pm


    You are building a case based on a letter written by the Chief of Police and sent to the Selectmen after the police union made allegations about his behavior and after the Town Manager/Town Council decided to suspend him.

    I am sure the Chief/Coughlin/Quigley will try to make a case out of the Trainor issue, what else do they have? I suggest the readers of this blog wait to hear from the unions about their case before coming to any conclusions about the Trainor/overtime/hummer issue.

    The last time I checked it was not against the law for the Town Manger to discuss personnel issues with the rank and file.

    For those readers who don’t know about the Trainor issue: Trainor drove one of Mike Coughlins Hummers to Town Hall on election day and parked it out front of the voting station. He hung a sign on it that asked the voters to not to allow the station to go dark.

    He then filed for overtime pay for the hours worked.

    SO after the Town Manager finds out Trainor filed for overtime, he takes the time to find out what happened. That alone is more than past Town Manager would do.

    Good luck with your case though.

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