Cohasset Acting Chief will not pursue pedophile suspects because…..

In another newspaper, acting Cohasset police chief Bill Quigley answered all Tinytown Unleashed questions regarding whether the Cohasset PD would be pursuing additional suspects in the luring incident in Cohasset last month. We’re starting to wonder if this is a Brian Williams story. Is there a 10-year old girl?

Quigley said Cohasset PD is done with this investigation.

Quigley essentially said when you make a big time mistake you lock yourself into a cover story and defend what you did at all costs.

Quigley said Cohasset PD got the right guy in spite of the DA’s decision to drop the case. Wonder how Michael Morrissey will feel about his friend Quigley, now. Quigley’s going with the clerk of court’s opinion and he’s sticking to it.

Quigley said the adult witnesses said: “He’s (Wynn) around the neighborhood and he’s here every day.” Well yeah, he delivers the Patriot Ledger to homes every day; of course he’s in Cohasset every day.

Apparently the suspect, Michael X. Wynn, did disclose on his sex offender registry form that he was working in Cohasset. Because of a “mix-up” Cohasset PD didn’t get that info. Too bad, Cohasset’s fault, but Wynn spent 15 days in jail. Sounds like there will be some money coming to Wynn. Has Quigley met with his boss over this matter? We will never know.

Probation records are closed to the public, but not to the Cohasset PD. It never checked. Yeah, this guy has a record; yeah this guy probably doesn’t generate much sympathy with the public. But others in Cohasset have been treated this way, too. Some former residents can’t drive through Town without being stopped by Cohasset PD.

When the initial lure incident happened last month, Cohasset PD alerted Channel 5 to a major public safety issue in Cohasset over an alleged newspaper deliveryman’s attempt to lure a young girl into his car. Although Norfolk County prosecutors have dropped the charges, Quigley pays no mind. He will march onward.

We would imagine Wynn would not be delivering newspapers in Cohasset in the future.

If Wynn should show up and spit on the street or go over the yellow line an inch, Cohasset PD will nab him. And Wynn isn’t the only person who can’t drive through Cohasset without a Cohasset PD tail. Many other Cohasset residents, many of whom spoke to the new Town Manager last summer, spoke against hiring Quigley as permanent chief.

Cohasset PD needs to be attended to. It needs a real chief. Chris Senior knows this.

Currently we have an acting police chief who happens to be a finalist for the permanent position. He is attacking his boss (Town Manager Chris Senior) through a Facebook page called Citizens for a Safe Cohasset. Quigley may be the admnistrator of this page. Recently, the police insignia were removed, and that was a good move, because it’s illegal for the police/town insignia to be used for a political issue. Quigley must have read my last article.The police insignia photos were priority. They could have only come from Quigley who administers several police Facebook and Web pages.

And now Quigley has his friend Gabe Gomez suggesting our wonderful Town Manger Chris Senior resign. I’m suggesting Quigley be put on paid administrative leave until Senior can bring some rationale to this process.

‪Gabriel Gomez on Cohasset Mariner Facebook:‪ Town Manager Chris Senior gave what many would consider a duplicitous statement at the end stating “he has yet to make a decision”…in addition, he attempted to marginalize anyone who supports Bill Quigley as being infected with “passion” and not facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Chris Senior thinks that anyone who expresses an opinion in town is only filled with passion and not facts, then I guess he’s against open dialogue, Town Meetings et al. This is the foundation of what makes our town (and others) so great. If he truly believes the words he spoke tonight, then he should seriously consider resigning and working in a town that muzzles free speech and he can be free of any open discussion.”

Note: Select Chair Diane Kennedy said she would accept no comments on the police chief search, not from her own board, not from the public. Senior has made a decision he just hasn’t made a legal decision. He decided to not offer the job to Quigley. Gomez’s rhetoric is so poorly and wrongly stated that it is difficult to respond.

At one point Quigley had now former officer Kenny laying in wait for nursery school parents. Finally, Quincy Court called Cohasset and said stop arresting these young mothers, we don’t have room for them over here. Handle your own parking problem and Cohasset Selectmen, not Quigley, did. Cohasset Selectmen got involved in an issue that Quigley should have solved. Because Quigley is a…game player.

VOTE FOR PESCATORE. He will bring reason and rationale to the Board of Selectmen. 

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