Cohasset Police Chief Appointment not on Selectmen’s May 5th agenda

It has become known through 3rd parties that Town Manager Chris Senior has not selected Cohasset Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley as his choice for permanent chief.

We watched the Selectmen’s Debates on Our Town last night and learned that School Committeeman Paul Schubert, along with Selectman Martha Gjesteby and advisory Chief Peter Pescatore, would all support Senior’s choice for police chief.

And all three candidates for one seat on the Board of Selectmen gave Senior high performance marks in his now almost year and a half with the Town of Cohasset.

Apparently, Senior is waiting to appoint his police chief candidate until after elections because Selectman Steve Gaumer can not make the May 5th meeting between Annual Town Meeting and Annual Town Elections (May 9).

We know that Senior’s choice is not Bill Quigley, because Quigley told us so on his Citizens for a Safe Cohasset Facebook page. And so we must assume that Senior has taken some time to win Selectmen and Selectmen candidates to his side.

Will wonders never cease?

How did we ever deserve Chris Senior?

All three candidates did well at the Our Town Debate.

Selectman Martha Gjesteby could practically run the town with her resume, as could Advisory Chief Peter Pescatore.

Schubert would bring an interesting new personality to the board, and I have no doubt that once on the board of Selectmen, Schubert would function as a Selectman and not a School Committeeman.

Here’s where I am with my vote.

In November 2013 Schubert led a charge for a citizens’ petition article for a special town meeting that was not needed for the schools, but Schuber said it was.  If he didn’t know he was being used at that time by acting town manager Mike Milanoski in an effort to further Milanoski’s own agenda, Schubert certainly must have learned so a year and a half later.

Apparently, not. In a recent Our Town interview Schubert highlighted his involvement in that calling as a really good thing to do.

In 2013 Milanoski was trying to save two jobs: his job and the job of acting police chief Quigley. Milanoski needed a bigger issue than his job to petition for a special town meeting and so the school $ issue was born and Schubert ran with it. Did Schubert petition for that Special Town meeting to serve the purposes of then acting town manager Milanoski? it looked that way then and it looks that way now.

Paul McSheffrey of Cohasset Mariner Front Porch fame gathered signatures for Milanoski’s “save Milanoski’s job” petition. Unfortunately for Milanoski, McSheffrey was 4 signatures short so the article never made it to that 2013 warrant.

Milanoski’s petition article stated that only acting town manager Milanoski and acting police chief Bill Quigley could be paid out their respective budget lines until after the 2014 town elections, at which time they hoped then Select chair Fred Koed would be gone and a new board with a new majority (Selectman Steve Gaumer, newly elected selectman Kevin McCarthy and Selectman Diane Kennedy would appoint Milanoski as permanent town manager and Milanoski would then appoint Quigley as permanent chief).

Milanoski’s petition article would have been an illegal article, but it would have caused big, nasty conversations and possibly interfered with an appointment of a professional town manager. Almost 6 weeks later (January 2014) Town Manager Chris Senior arrived.

I am voting for Peter Pescatore because when Senior arrived Milanoski had wiped his Town computer clean and Advisory Chief Pescatore spent significant time bringing Senior up-to-date on Town issues.

I hope you will consider voting for Peter Pescatore for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen.

-Tanna Kasperowicz










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