Coh Bdg. Commissioners letter may bite back

Paul Shea, Cohasset’s Conservation agent will respond to a letter written by Bob Egan, the Town’s Building Commissioner, and Egan will be invited
to a future Cohasset Conservation meeting to discuss his problems with Shea and vice versa.

Egan sent a letter of complaint to the Selectmen, the Acting Town
Manager, Shea and the Conservation Commission asking a number of questions about how Shea was paid and other matters regarding
the new Stormwater bylaws.

ConCom members said they have had a rocky relationship with the
building commissioner over many years. Several commissioners said Egan is the gatekeeper of the building permits and he has been awarding permits
without all the blocks checked off – ConCom being one. They have
had to recall several projects after publication.

Commissioner Jim Marten asked what the Acting Town Manager’s
role was in this matter. (He’s his boss. He hires him.)

ConCom Chair Jack Creighton said applicants for building permits need to know the process and realize it is their responsibility to get the ConCom
sign-off. “There are things which should have come to the Con-
Com which have never gotten here.”

ConCom member Ed Graham said he felt the Town needed to
improve the process between the building commissioner and the
ConCom. He said the applicant deserved timely service and when the building commissioner gives permits without Con- Com sign-off it causes
problems on all sides. “I’m surprised the letter is coming in now.”
Graham said.

Atty. Charles Humphreys, at the meeting for another issue,  said it was the responsibility of the applicant to get all the approvals from town boards.

Creighton responded: “The building commissioner admits he is the

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