Chris Senior answers McSheffrey’s letter

Be careful, that man sitting next to you at French Memories could be a candidate for Cohasset Police Chief or any number of upcoming jobs

From: John McSheffrey
Date:05/03/2015 2:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: “Senior, Christopher”
Cc: “Kennedy, Diane” ,”Gjesteby, Martha” ,”Gaumer, Steve” ,”Quigley, Karen” ,”McCarthy, Kevin”
Subject: The man sitting next to me at yesterday’s town meeting

Good Afternoon Chris,

I am taking a few minutes from this beautiful Sunday afternoon to send you a quick question about something that was going on directly next to me at yesterday’s town meeting.

At each meeting I sit in the first few rows in the far back bleachers. It provides me a bit of space and allows me to see much of what’s going on. A gentleman that I did not recognize sat down a couple of feet away from me and soon it became quite evident by the 2-3 conversations he had that he was the Weymouth candidate for Police Chief.

From what I could readily hear, he was there to see what was going to happen to the budget. (He also mentioned something about radios and a candidate from CT.) It appeared that he was under the impression that he’s the leading candidate for the job and his conversations seemed to contradict the often repeated position that the process is still in motion and that no decision has been made. At this point, I’m sure you must be thinking, ‘of all the places for him to sit’.

The gentleman left after about 90 minutes. In a subsequent conversation I had with a few officers from Cohasset’s Police Department, they mentioned that they did not know he was coming and were a bit taken back by his presence and forwardness; an unfortunate position for those officers to be in.

From the outside looking in, he was there because A) he was invited, B) he requested to be there and was given permission or C) he came unannounced. I am sure you can see given the insistence by you and the Board that the process is still fluid that each answer raises a few questions. I’ll keep it simple and ask – did you know and the Board Members know he was coming and do you think it was appropriate he was there?

Congratulations on a successful and smooth town meeting, I look forward to hearing back from you.
John McSheffrey
en-Gauge Inc.


From: “Senior, Christopher”
Date:05/03/2015 8:51 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: John McSheffrey
Cc: “Kennedy, Diane” ,”Gjesteby, Martha” ,”Gaumer, Steve” ,”Quigley, Karen” ,”McCarthy, Kevin”
Subject: RE: The man sitting next to me at yesterday’s town meeting


I am sure you can appreciate why having an interactive email conversation with the entire Board of Selectmen would be considered a violation of the open meeting law.

That said, and without commenting on any particular individual or circumstance, I am sure you can appreciate why any potential candidate for a position might want to do all the due diligence they could, Cohasset’s past and present history regarding search processes notwithstanding. I certainly read my share of stories, watched the videos, and interacted with residents and staff during the search process I participated in. Town meetings are the ultimate open public meeting, require neither invitation nor permission to attend (as a visitor), and can be an excellent window into what a community is all about. I believe the Town Meeting just concluded showed Cohasset at its best.

I am optimistic that when I make a formal recommendation to the Board of Selectmen to conclude the Police Chief search process, that same side of Cohasset will be on full display.

Thanks for your contributions to the community, John. I look forward to many more successful Town Meetings.


Christopher Senior
Cohasset Town Manager

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