Baseball writers to elect players to Baseball Hal of Fame

It’s the time of year when 10-year members of the Baseball Writers Association of America – some 600 at last count – elect former players to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ballots are due by December 27 and the results will be announced on January 6. Unfortunately, the Hall’s rules limit the number of worthy…

A Christmas Carol performed by puppets! Couldn’t be cuter

PUPPET PEOPLE for Holly Days

It’s time for Tiny Tim and Scrooge, once again, to return to The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury in the much-loved holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol”. The Puppet People, a well-known group from New York, will bring their amazing puppets, one of which towers above the gallery walls, and all of which they designed and…

For a beautiful, healthy yard the natural way, that also saves you time, money and protects our water…


The Greenscapes Massachusetts program is a collaborative education and outreach effort sponsored primarily by the Greenscapes Massachusetts Coalition and many Massachusetts cities and towns, with additional support form our supporters, advisors and affiliates.

The Greenscapes Massachusetts program seeks to:

  • educate citizens and professionals about landscaping practices (particularly irrigation and chemical use) to have less impact on the environment;
  • create an informed and proactive citizenry that acts as environmental stewards in their own backyards; and
  • generate broad support for the responsible public management of water resources (quality and quantity).


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Name the Wine Contest


This sounds like fun. I’ve already entered my name for the wine which is so perfect and it will probably win, so you might as well not enter:) This fall, La Crema put winemaking in the hands of consumers with its Virtual Vintner experience. Thousands of votes were cast in this “choose your own adventure” journey, and…

FARRETTA Vows to Fight Illegal Immigration


Andrea Farretta, candidate for State Representative vowed to fight Illegal Immigration.  The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that illegal immigration costs Massachusetts taxpayers over $1.68 Billion Dollars in education, unreimbursed healthcare costs, criminal justice, welfare and operating costs.  That equates to over $775 per family in Weymouth and Hingham.  “As State Representative, I…

Farretta to restore local aid for Weymouth and Hingham

Weymouth has lost 38% of its local aidAndrea Farretta, candidate for State Representative, vowed to restore the local aid cuts to Weymouth and Hingham. “Restoring local aid to our community is going to be one of my top priorities as State Representative,” Farretta said. Local Aid funds for local services which include police, fire and…

South Shore Conservatory Appoints New Preschool Director


Brings 24 years of teaching experience to SSC  HINGHAM and BRIGHTON, MA Issued September 22, 2014… South Shore Conservatory (SSC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Lodzsun as the new SSC Preschool Director. Although the title implies Lodzsun is in charge of only the preschool, in her position she will provide leadership for…

Mike Maglio to speak at South Shore Genealogical Society

Mike Maglio

Magilo’s focus combines science and history to unravel ancestral genetic migrationsThe September meeting of the South Shore Genealogical Society will be held at the John Curtis Free Library, Hanover, MA on Saturday, 9/20/2014. The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Genealogist Mike Maglio is the featured speaker. Mike is a…

Seniors Deserve Better than Medicare Penny Pinching – by F.M. Azar, M.D.


The best example of the longstanding flaw in Medicare’s cost-control efforts is the Sustainable Growth Rate formulaBy Frederick M. Azar, MD After five years of slow growth, health costs are expected to rise as much as 6.8 percent next year. This forecast is sure to energize Washington lawmakers who have long sought to slash health…

New Installation at Duxbury’s Art Complex Duxbury by Gary Nisbet


Nisbet has attempted to reflect the unique architecture of the museum and its serpentine roofline.There’s a new installation on the back grounds of The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury by local  Artist Gary Nisbet. His piece, “Wallflower,” he explains, is like some people – shy at first but, once you get to know them, interesting.…