Tanna Kasperowicz

An editorial with something for everyone

My friend Bob Thomas is running for Mayor of Weymouth and he would be an excellent mayor. He’s smart. He not only knows what’s wrong with Weymouth, he knows how to fix what’s wrong. He’s been knocking on doors for the past 7 months and if he doesn’t win, then people wll get another 4 years of Mayor Sue Kay, who threw the Tinytown Gazette out of the Whipple Center last year because she didn’t want senior citizens to become confused over our editorials.

Cohasset Selectmen may have messed up again

Un-officials say the AG’s office thinks the selectmen, at their June 21 meeting, may have made “conditional” appointments to the Conservation Commission and if this should be the AG’s finding, Debbie Cook, Sarah Charron and Dick Karoff would be reseated and James Marten (now vice chairman of the commission) along with James Gilman and Alex Koines would step down.

Cohasset Town Accountant Resigns

John Stanbrook, recently appointed Cohasset Town Accountant and Director of Finance, will return to his old job in Mansfield at the end of the month, according to Town Manager Mike Coughlin.

Petitioners and Cohasset Selectmen Talk Things Over

Cohasset Selectmen afforded petitioners upset over their replacement of Conservation Commission members over one hour of face time at their 9/20 meeting. Over the past week, petitioners have been discussing what kind of an investigation of selectmen they wish to pursue.  They will be meeting with Selectmen at Tuesday’s meeting (Sept. 27) to continue the…

Cohasset Sewer to be Monitored by AG’s office

The Town of Cohasset was informed by the Attorney General, Business and Labor Bureau, that the Cohasset Sewer Commission had indeed failed to comply with competitive bidding laws and that for the ensuing year, the Attorney General will monitor construction procurement undertaken by the Sewer Commission starting October 1, 2011.

MEPA Takes On Cohasset’s Cat Dam NOI

Stephen Brown at Cat Dam – click on script at left to see poor quality movie. We are working on this, trying to enter the modern age. by Tanna Kasperowicz Greg DeCesare of the Mass Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) met with all parties involved in the Cat Dam NOI and the appeal of that…

DEP to visit Cat Dam site

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will do a site review of Cohasset’s Cat Dam on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 2:30 p.m. (low tide). Hopefully, the selectmen in their wisdom have have asked Cohasset Police to assist with crowd control.