Pete Kasperowicz

Another Library Book Card Scam

by Pete Kasperowicz This week, Georgia, our 13-year old, felt like reading some of the books she read when she was a little younger. So she wandered into Sam’s room. Sam, who’s just 10, made a fake library card for Georgia that she could use to borrow books from him. When Georgia walked in looking…

Failure is an option – by Pete Kasperowicz

The fight over whether and how to raise the debt ceiling resulted in the Budget Control Act, which called on the supercommittee to find at least $1.2 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade. Failure would trigger a $1.2 trillion “sequestration” — cuts to planned spending over the next decade that were supposed to hurt both parties by cutting programs supported by both parties.

Pete Kasperowicz explains what’s happening in Washington

To the Boston crowd, Key details of the debt ceiling deal emerging tonight. 1) Balanced budget amendment is no longer required. Major compromise, many GOP will hate this, but will probably be replaced by House Dems in the final vote. See my post here: 2) On the numbers, it’s roughly the same as what…

YOU are a government program

by Pete Kasperowicz Floor Action Blog, The Hill Sometime in the last two weeks, as it began to sink in that House Republicans really do want to cut spending, and that Democratic talking points weren’t convincing the public that government spending is fine just the way it is, Democrats made two important strategic decisions.