Cat Dam deliberations to take place July 19

Tuesday, July 19 at 7 p.m. is the date the Cohasset Conservation Commission will deliberate over the board of selectmen’s Notice of Intent for Cat Dam. Some Cat Dam neighbors want the tide gate to be obliterated. Others (the Environmental 20) want to limit the tide (which it calls flushing) to once a month during the summer months.

Curtailing the tide causes algae, which dies and then sinks to the bottom causing a foul odor, the E-20 claims.

ConCom met Thursday, July 7 to officially close the Cat Dam hearing. It was prevented from doing so at its June 7th meeting when the Environmental 20 (E-20) alleged they needed to consult with the selectmen, which they did, taking their good old time. Selectmen called a special, unscheduled meeting to un-check a box (see Quigley’s The Cat Dam 4B Controversy).

Notes from July 7 Conservation Commission meeting:

  1. It was noted that the Cohasset Board of Selectmen is now the applicant for the Cat Dam Notice of Intent.
  2. The box on the application which designated the NOI as a salt marsh restoration has been unchecked and resubmitted to all agencies.
  3. Although conversation members have made site visits to Cat Dam, several members may visit the locale privately before the July 19th hearing.
  4. Several members of E-20 wanted ConCom to discuss the gate schedule and/or the mechanism of the gate. ConCom refused, saying this would all be examined during deliberations.
  5. Two E-20 families said they were withdrawing their permission to continue on with the NOI pending favorable ConCom deliberations, saying the reason for this action was because so much work had gone into the NOI.
  6. Three selectmen at the hearing said nothing.
  7. ConCom Chair David Farrag said “You can withdraw your consent, but we’re going to be moving forward on the hearing.”
  8. A motion by ConCom member Jack Creighton to deliberate on the NOI the same night was defeated.
  9. E-20 member Tom Killelea said he would like to have some feed-back from the ConCom immediately. “We don’t know where you’re going.”

10. ConCom said it acted as a board, noting that it had not yet discussed the NOI as a board.

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