Carver Town Administrator petitions Cohasset Annual Town Meeting

Let’s hope Annual Town Meeting doesn’t bite on this poisoned bait.

 Cohasset resident and Carver Town Administrator Mike Milanoski has submitted two citizens petitions for Cohassets April 28th Annual Town Meeting.

 The first petition would amend the bylaws as follows:

 In addition to and consistent with state law, patronage is not a tolerated practice in Cohasset. Members of the Board of Selectmen, their spouses, or partners are prohibited from pressuring, influencing or taking any other action in an effort to secure non-competitive government contracts to (sic) friends or relatives or to hire friends or relatives.

The second petition would amend the bylaws as follows:

In addition to and consistent with state law and to encourage integrity with the public member of the Board of Selectmen may not participate in any manner involving a party from which said member has accepted any money, gifts, gratuities or any other thing of value in excess of $50.00 in the aggregate during the candidacy or tenure of said member of the board.”

It is puzzling that the Carver Town Administrator is singling out the Cohasset Board of Selectmen when the State Ethics Commission already deals with the ethics of all appointed and elected municipal officials with regard to the above two issues. Further, Ethics investigates any charges brought before it.

 Would these articles permit any majority of the local board of selectmen, acting as judge and jury, to persecute minority members locally?

Lord help us one and all.

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